Ho Chi Minh

Just over two months ago, we made a trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in hopes of taking a short break off work.
It was Mr. Valentine’s first time in HCM (my second!) so it was interesting to see how we both traveled with the same itinerary.
If we were to sum up the trip with only three words, it would be: Banh Mi, Pouring Rain and Banh Mi.
Wait. Did I repeat myself?

Lunch @ Rice Field

Rustic interior, delicious home-cooked Vietnamese cuisine and aesthetically pleasing tableware made up to a cosy afternoon. Blessing in disguise as we sheltered away from the pouring rain. No doubt one of THE best rice paper rolls we had in HCM. [Vegetarian options available]

Vietnamese breakfast combination we had almost every morning.
Rice vermicelli with eggs, fresh vegetables and lime drizzles. AND iced milk coffee.
Hidden gem in an alleyway, strategically situated below our Airbnb just right among where the locals live.


Pham Ngu Lao

We tried searching for a pub with less-loud music and minimal crowd but failed with disgrace. After a 15mins beer session, we left with greasy hair, wet clothing (it was raining) and realization that we no longer fit into the existing planet. [p.s. we bought beer from convenience store and stayed in watching Christmas films. Yes, in August.]

We wore a raincoat every day and did so much walking our feet were crying for assistance.
Travelling during the rainy season made us see how the Vietnamese doesn’t let the rain stop them from anything.
Literally, I mean selling barbecue in the rain.
A solid few days in Ho Chi Minh living life like the locals made us want to experience Vietnam even more.
Danang and Hoi An next?

What To Do In HCM City



It was a month jam-packed by audit work trips and family gatherings. There were no time to pause and recharge. During our trip, we got to visit the famous central post office and as expected, I spent 2 full hours immersing into doing what I truly love. Mum might have fallen asleep on the bench waiting for me but she knows how much I love writing and my appreciation towards sending a thoughtful postcard. 

I've never felt so special writing a postcard. Banquet-like table accompanied by long wooden benches. Picking out stamps were just as exciting as selecting 'the' perfect dress to wear for an annual party. Fondling through the pile of postcards not knowing what to expect.

Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica


"Some people travel for leisure, I travel for self-fulfillment. It's the feeling of wanting to know more about the world beyond my office chair. To truly experience flavour, culture and life far from where we stand. Gain new perspectives from a fresh state of mind. Take on adventures with a beer, paper map and zero fear. Return home with a richer mind, candid travel photographs and whole lot of stories to tell. It challenges my core when not a single word heard was understood. As from the bottom of my heart, my dream is to travel to places where people speak languages I could not understand."


. DINE .









. SHOP .


I wasn't on a spree but beautiful and well-made cotton pieces from Vietnam let my horses out. We love how each boutique has a theme that sells clothing with distinct style. Snagged a few cotton shirts & dresses at Tu by Catu for a reasonable price. Later that night, I bought a same chiffon top in two colours from Libe Workshop because the fabric and cut was too good to pass on. Not trying to make a big thing out of this but I never do duplication. If you are a basics-fanatic like I am, you will love GIAO. Shopping experience was unexpectedly pleasant.


We hope you' enjoyed this installment on Ho Chi Minh as much as we did. No trip planned for the rest of year 2017.
However we'd love to visit somewhere in Vietnam sometime soon. Next up, Nha Trang?




ngày lễ = VACATION

IF you are planning for a short getaway to somewhere within the South East Asia region and also bank account friendly, I'd say go to Vietnam for a fuss proof holiday destination. 

WE felt it was time to head back to Vietnam so we booked ourselves a 5 days trip to Saigon. The whole trip [Flight + Hotel] cost approximately RM850/person. Haven't shared anything on our recent trip to Vietnam but be assured that it's coming your way.

ASIDE from being coffee tipsy, we did put some effort on how we dressed. Not being a self-proclaimed professional but deciding on what to wear on a holiday can be strategically challenging. Make the smart move and you'll "POP" in every single picture taken. Since its VIETNAM, I played with muted tones, tribal prints, beachy hair and fun footwear. doyoufeelthosepomspoms. 

QUICK TIPs before packing:
.01 Do some research on the destination. What colour scheme and tone most of the landmarks are.
.02 Explore google image to get an idea on the cultural aspect of your destination.
.03 Visit fashion websites for holiday outfit inspirations and style ideas. [StyleWe is a great one to check out!]
.04 Search latest hashtags on Instagram for updates or a glance on the real-life situation.
Aside from rolling our clothes and packing travel sized toiletries, there is more to learn when it comes to packing smart.
These are our vacation essentials:
. Kimono . Bikini . Shorts . Hat . Sunnies . Sandals .
Just if you're wondering why is that black pair of loafers in the mix, I've never travelled anywhere without a pair of statement kicks.
Airport essential. Checked!!