Applying The 4 C's When Purchasing Loose Diamonds

Diamonds can be quite beautiful to the naked eye. It would be safe to say that it is really true that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Remembering the 4 C's is very important when shopping for a diamond. If you have your mind set on purchasing loose diamonds then you may consider AE Design Jewellery. AE Design Jewellery offers loose diamonds in Sydney and if you do visit this location while in Sydney, make sure you take your time when selecting a diamond.

Every diamond is unique in itself however some can have flaws and other defects that are not particularly visible. This is why diamonds should always be examined by professionals. In most marriages, diamond signifies a promise & the beginning of a new marital status. Therefore, they should be selected so very carefully. When purchasing loose diamonds, it is important to use our knowledge where the 4 C's are concerned.

CARAT is something that can determine the cost of the diamond. Diamonds are classified according to size, shape and carat. A one carat diamond is extremely popular when it comes to engagement rings.

COLOUR grade of a particular diamond is something that is of great importance when purchasing a diamond. There are several colours and grades of diamonds. Colour adds to the overall value of a diamond. A pink diamond is rarer and it can come by quite expensive. Yellow and white diamonds are more reasonably priced making them the most common pick among couples.

CLARITY of the diamond is another important factor. This without a doubt affects overall cost of the diamond. When a diamond is clear with no visible flaws, it is considered ideal quality. When a diamond is not clear and has visible flaws or defects, the value of the diamond begins to diminish. 

CUT is another critical element when determining the cost and value of a diamond whether loose or set within a piece of jewellery. Diamond cut basically refers to the shape of the diamond. Diamonds come in various shapes such as pear shaped, round, marquise and oval. Diamond cut is absolutely personal to the taste of the beholder.

Consider Diamond A Lifetime Investment

As a woman whom isn't attracted to corny commercials and marketed trends, getting to know about loose diamonds and how we could create a personalized ring gave glow to life. The idea of loose diamonds opened our eyes as we were asked to share this article on our platform. If you are in a relationship or still in search for a partner, you know how challenging it is to come across the right person whom you are willing to share your life with. Don't stop searching until you've found the one. When you do, treasure this person and the relationship wholeheartedly because love is hard to come by. Before popping the question, get to know what kind of ring she loves and would wear till both of you go apart. So cheesy but do consider diamond a lifetime investment. Happy Marriage <3