Haemin Sunim

The book that changed my lifestyle this 2017.
Bold but true.


It took me 9 months to realize how I haven't picked up a book and set aside time for bedtime read. <The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down> was so beautifully written. Every word of advice felt like a gentle nudge and each piece of art illustration brought out the calm in me which I have lost since the beginning of 2017.

I've given myself extra sleep every day. I've started meditating every night. Instead of plain crackers, I've been snacking on roasted almonds. Instead of going back to the room after dinner, I've been breeze walking. Instead of watching an extra 30 minutes of YouTube video, I've been reading before bedtime. I've been showering earlier to create more time to wind down too.  I've finally learnt how to set time to do 'nothing'. 

It's the act of incorporating small changes in between that makes our life easier and 'lighter'. Since having a clearer mind, I've started listening to podcasts which is a great way to rest my eyes and put everything heard into imagination.  Currently listening to 'The Minimalists Podcast' by Joshua & Ryan and 'At Home With...' by Lily and Anna a.k.a. my favorite people.

I highly recommend you pick this up because if it changed my lifestyle, it could change yours too. Currently having "The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k" on the go. Will report back soon! In the meanwhile, I shall get back to doing the laundry and perhaps shop for some new books for the upcoming season.  Till then x


"There is no such thing as being completely prepared.
Life is an adventure, through which we learn and mature.
Of course, we must consider all our options carefully.
But if we wait for 100 percent certainty, then it is often too late."