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I'm no master sheefu in the organizational aspect of life. But it appeared to me that everyone has a different way of sorting out their schedule and space. Since there is no right or wrong, we shall share a little behind the real Real Life Nerd. These are 5 ways we stay organized. #atleastwetried

.01 Wash and Clean
Regardless of how much we hate doing the laundry, we all need clean clothes and undergarment that doesn't smell like expired cheese. Majority of my clothes are made from fabric that requires 'gentle care', meaning 'hand washing' and no time for coffee Sunday. Cleaning out the living area can be dreadful at times however an organized space allows room for creativity and magic sprinkles.

.02 Plan two weeks ahead of time
This would take up most of the month. Business trips (don't forget to book a taxi!!), appointments, meetings (venue + time), take note of upcoming projects (details + deadline) and if you are blogger ninja by night like me, yes, schedule that as well. Put a remark for events that are uncertain/unconfirmed because it could turn out to be something you need to spare time for. Also, take note of replenishment dates of your beauty supplies. Splitting last dollop of Oskia Renessaince Cleansing Gel into a week's use? I've been there.

.03 Take note of important dates
Every month, I put down dates that must be remembered. Family plans, birthdays, anniversary, movie dates, facial and coffee sesh and due dates for bank related stuff too! Insurance, taxes, credit card bills yadah yadah.  Hey lady, don't forget menses?  Need to be prepared and also know how much more to spend on food that week, am I right. One habit I have is to jot down eta of all parcels once the order is placed and also mummy related events/dates that she could forget. When she dyed her hair? When is the next mani session? When to settle her finances?

.04  Daily/Weekly To-Do-List
Pen down what you wish to accomplish in a day/week. I'd go for a maximum of 3 tasks per day unless I'm catching a flight in 24 hours with luggage unpacked, 10 blog articles pending, emails unsent and legs unshaved. Keep them realistic, achievable and as precise as possible. 

.05 Breathe
Grab a snack, sip on some tea and take a deep breath. You've done well so far! Feel free to celebrate with a cheese burger and a bottle of beer. I mean vegetarian cheese burger and two bottles of beer. Oh such a grown up.

Nerdy Verdict
There is no spell for a lifetime smooth sail. No matter how much we try to stay organized, things do go out of hand sometimes. It's about striking a balance between planning to perfection and planning for success. Have a big picture of what we want to achieve, organize what's in our hands, eat up those cookie crumble and leave room for those beyond our control (:

Hope you found something useful. Let us know how you stay organized!! x


3 Things

A little update on what I have been obsessing over the past 3 months. These products have no doubt worked into my beauty stash, took over previous favourites and landed themselves holy grail titles. On a good note, I've found the perfect routine for my sensitive skin and rule-less hair. But on another note, darn. These wonder babies come with a hefty price tag! Thank goodness I'm not done with them yet but when it's time to replenish, someone comfort me with a box of tissue or spare me half a cracker for lunch please.

Just in case you wanna share half of my cracker, here you go:

Aesop // Oskia // My Organics

Thank you for reading and Happy Friday :)


Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

Here comes the champagne popping season where family gathers around the fireplace, friends meet up for annual cheesy updates, acquaintances celebrate accomplishments throughout the year and most importantly the time of the year where we whip out our fanciest/sparkliest dress in history!

For the previous years, I've always wore a classic skater dress, bold lip with soft bouncy curls. Stepped out of my comfort zone numerous times in year 2015 and therefore this time round I hope to celebrate our humble achievements in a different way. High fluffy pony paired with a minimal, classic yet modern ensemble. Challenging.

Doubling up those challenge people because I have shoulder length hair and oh definitely not fluffy enough. Never thought I would say this but have you tried Hair Extensions? CC Hair Extensions reached out to us with an array of hair extensions from Clip In Hair Extensions to Micro Loop Hair Extensions and Hair Weave. Since I'm more interested in occasional vavavoom, hair weave is out of my league. Clip-In Hair Extensions are more suited for hectic [or productive if you may] lifestyles with the ease & convenience to wear and take off. Should I go Clip Ins for adjustable volume and glamour?

Needing some help here ladies. Have you tried hair extensions? What would you recommend to beginners or other readers like us? Please share your experience :)

Thank you for stopping by and have a great week ahead beautiful!

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