Happy Mother's Day

This article is to the most beautiful women I've encountered and will remain as the most angelic being in my heart. To the women who gave us everything and the best that she could offer. The one who eats up the crunchy fries and leave us with soggy ones. The mother of 2 who finishes up all the delicious dishes and leave us with plain rice and leftover sauce. The special someone who loves coffee, cakes and flowers just like every other women. The lady who owns the most beautiful dresses and shoes ever. (Now you wonder where I got my style inspiration from?) The one who always answer my phone calls when I need help (quarter life crisis decisions/period pain anyone?) and not answer when she is busy cutting fruits or drawing on her brows. The special someone whom prefers pastries over our reports cards. Solely because she knows that good results won't bring a person anywhere but good attitude will, and she loves croissants too. The reason behind me being strong and independent. The main confidence generator and supporter behind all of my achievements. Also the one who taught me to not give a F, to walk away from negativity and to pursue happiness & contentment as the main goals of life. My number one fan. Happy Mother's Day Mamee!!

So...Kendall Jenner is gorgeous. Have you seen my mum? lmao.