5 Piece French Wardrobe . Update 02

.03 Highwaisted Jeans

Frantically abused this sexy mother since early September. Had one final slot to fit as we were 6 months into the challenge. Can't go wrong with a pair of classic deep blue jeans am I right? Disposed my previous pair from Pull n Bear that has totally lost its shape that was well ready for retirement. Found a successor :)

.04 Nude Sandals

. Nine West sandals .

Another wardrobe essential that has been lacking in my collection. How bitchy-pants is it to say 'collection' when our intention is to purge life. Lmao. Spent quite a bit of money on these babes but they got scuffed after a few wear and the heel part got so screwed up. Wouldn't recommend buying these if you are planning to spend some cash on this particular pair from Nine West. Walking in stilettos have always been my forte but not anymore. Anything under 4-inch and comfortable is indeed hard to come by.

[Fabulous option under RM100. Use 'ZBAPQLL' for extra 15% off]

.05 Navy A Line Skirt

. Nichii skirt . [similar]

Probably bashing the beauty of my favourite skirt. How does one take outfits shots with a camera stand without looking awkward and pretentious? Do share. Clean and classic silhouette in this gorgeous royal blue shade which I somehow call NAVY. Pretty sure I haven't stopped wearing it since getting it in June. Crease-free and looks great with almost everything.

Just in case you're wondering, here goes part 1 of '5 Piece French Wardrobe Challenge'. Proud to say that 5PFWC has changed the way I live. In terms of how I allocate funds for shopping, how I organize my wardrobe, the way I style existing pieces and most importantly how I'm more conscious of consumerism and fast fashion as a whole. Considering picking up the challenge once more for the year 2017. In the meanwhile, nerd is taking a short break off the challenge due to upcoming festivities whoohaass. 

Have you started doing Chinese New Year shopping? x