No Buy Month (Update)

Image via Pic Jumbo

Image via Pic Jumbo

Exactly 30 days ago, I shared an article about buying absolutely nothing for 30 days. The challenge was to spend money on necessities ONLY. Cut down on monthly expenses, use up whatever we already have and hopefully end up with more savings after the 30 days. This is an update on how I got on with it, how much did I spend and my final verdict. If you still have no idea what this is, click below for more information.

In the previous post, I did mention “not buying bus tickets, not going to town, no takeaway coffee for the month” however, I went out to town for a day because my mask supply was running low. During No Buy Month, I’ve finished my toothpaste, shower gel, face moisturizer and a bottle of hot sauce. Just a disclaimer, I know how long each product lasts so I’ve purchased replacements prior to this (except the hot sauce). Since company covers my meals and I’ve done my main food shop prior to No Buy Month,  food & groceries expenses would be lower than usual. This is what we spent on and how much was spent for each category:

  • Food & Groceries : ¥321 (RM193)

  • Transportation : ¥117 (RM70)

  • Extras : ¥221.90 (RM133)

    Total : ¥660.20(RM396)


What I did during No Buy Month:

  • Reorganized off-season items. Sweaters, outerwear and light layers are now tucked away. Just 4 coats waiting to be taken to the dry cleaner.

  • Reorganized and clean up pantry. Coffee, tea and cereal are now arranged neatly. Wiped down the entire cupboard and threw out two expired energy bars.

  • Up-cycled an old top into a shoe bag. Cotton top that pilled so bad even my de-piller couldn’t save the situation.

  • Picked up German. Guten Morgen, bis spater! (Good morning, see you later!)

  • Signed up for Vietnamese. người phụ nữ muốn uống nước ép táo (The woman wants to drink apple juice). Let me tell you, I do NOT sound sexy.

Final Verdict

Without restrictions during No Buy Month, I would have bought:

  1. A pair of room slippers. Toes were sticking out way too much and was touching the floor.

  2. A high stool for the office. To lift my plant off the ground.

  3. An umbrella. Umbrella broke and can’t draw back completely.

  4. A vision board for the office. To display postcards collected.

I love No Buy Month and would take up the challenge again soon! I’ve managed to re-organize my space, learn new skills and save extra cash for the future. My toes are still touching the floor and my umbrella still pisses me off but I now see the value of delayed gratification. What is the longest you have gone without making a purchase?

No Buy Month


Also known as the 30-days No Buy Challenge.

If you are new to this (just like us), No Buy Month is buying absolutely nothing , except for food and medication, limiting to only the ultimate essentials for an entire month. For the whole duration, you are suppose to use up all that you already have, cut down on food & groceries budget and mainly limit shopping expenses to a zero. Rule of thumb is to NOT stock up prior to and spend extravagantly after the challenge. Food is necessary but $10 on doughnuts and coffee isn’t an essential for now. Therefore from 10th June till 9th July, I will be stripping everything back to the basics.

  • NO weekend out (can’t ‘buy’ bus tickets to get out);

  • NO coffee takeaways;

  • NO paid services (i.e. haircut/movies/massage); and

  • NO shopping. 

That being said, I will give room for ice-cream (hey summer!) and cleaning supplies. Don’t get me wrong by ‘NO weekend out’. People do go out for activities like picnic/chairty gigs which are free of charge but where I live, those doesnt exist. It takes me time, effort and money to get out therefore for No Buy Month, I will stay in and focus on these.

  • Reading;

  • Reorganizing living space;

  • Decluttering; and

  • Brushing up German (Ja! Bis morgen!).

Unlike most people, No Buy Month won’t make a drasctic change to our finances because we do stick to a strict monthly budget anyways. After paying off housing loan installments, credit card bills etc, all of our funds are then allocated into different investment mediums. If you see me eating up expired biscuits wearing stained discoloured socks, you know why. However, it doesn’t mean I am frugal. I’m an advocate of spending money on experiences therefore I do spend money on travelling. Aside from that, I do buy a little treat  from time to time depending on the performance of my investments. So if you catch me wearing a pair of new earrings, don’t call me out.

So…why No Buy Month then?

 We just came back from Australia and might  have incurred a few unbudgetted expenses. For the most part, we are saving up for a mission. Can’t believe we are now halfway through No Buy Month! So far, so good. Hold your horses because we will check back in on 9th July. Stay tuned.