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Headband changes the 'mood' of our outfit and adds interest to our hair when we need them the most. #badhairdaysarereal
Here goes a few tips on how to wear headbands when you're a grown up without looking like an overaged Didi. Anyone? Dexter Didi?

.01 Pick the right colour.
You are more likely to not-go-wrong with rich colours from the classic palette.
I'd say, go with colours that you are most comfortable with and in my case it would be Black, Navy and Beige.
However, since deciding on wearing more colours for summer, luscious Ruby Red fits the bill.

.02 Pick the right pattern and fabric.
Satin, silk and tweed could easily make an accessory look 10 times more expensive and more appropriate for formal occasions.
Do venture out on classic patterns (Dots, Stripes & Mini-Florals) for a cute pin-up look. 
I normally stray away from patterns because most of them weigh down my complexion. 
Which is why 90% of my wardrobe consist of plain pieces with just a few stripe-y ones in between. 

.03 Pick the right band size.
There are so many out there for you to choose from.
From thin slinky ones to thicker ones and even double braided ones. Possibilities are endless!!
Mine is about an inch wide which is great for making a soft statement.
Consider getting slimmer ones for a more minimal, effortless & chic look. 
They are more comfortable to have on for a full day of work and errands too. #girlboss

Headband  . Top [similar from Zalora]. Bottom . Bag [similar in Navy] . Watch

Headbands have always been a timeless head piece for women in the past centuries. 
I hope you are now ready to play with headbands at any beautiful age.
Nerd turning 24 this year :)

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5 Quick Shirt Tips:
.01 Iron them out.
.02 Select undergarments thoughtfully.
.03 Comfort is key.
.04 Pay attention on the fabric and cut.
.05 Simple and clean palette looks extra chic and sophisticated.

Since reading the book 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki, it hit me that how a person dresses at/for work is a way to say who he is without having to speak. Whether working in a creative environment, in the corporate world or casual office situation, it is true to dress like the man we want to become. After all, it's how hard we work, how professional we act and how well we dress.  Wear clothes that not only make us feel better than we already are but also make us feel POWERFUL.


Having been in the corporate for little over a year now, a pair of Trousers is one wardrobe essential which acts as a strong building base for any look I could think of. Skinny, cropped, straight legged or flared. As long as they are comfortable and makes me feel sexy, nothing else matters.
[Price tag? Pass them to my assistant please. #girlboss]

I'd give up spicy chips and tartar sauce to dress like a fashion editor everyday because nothing beats a sexy button up with an unexpected slit at the back. But being an auditor, half tucked cotton shirt might just suffice to get myself fired from the industry. Wake up Viviene. In reality, I'd wear this tucked into a black neoprene skirt paired with strappy heels for structure and formality.