Inspirational Monday

A woman should be two things: Who and What she wants.
Be the woman you want to be with if you were a man.
Be tough in making decision and soft in giving love.
Be handsome at work and sexy in life.
Happy Monday Ladies! x

Nerd Travels . Tsurumiryokuchi Park

'May have just spell checked the word TSURUMLKECHEE 27 times." -nerd-

IT would be a fabulous idea feeding birds by the lake but since I was surviving with some grapes and a few breath of fresh air, I couldn't. Sob. Being a vegetarian for little over a year now, I've never had diffficulties finding food until these cute nom nom trucks don't sell vegetarian friendly food. Struggles were real! Not being negative Nancy because I ended up with a hugebox of COTTONCANDY flavoured grapes and a cup of coffee for lunch. This is gonna sound so cheesy but hey, always believe in silver linings :)


GREENERY beyond words could describe. 
Hope you are having a great January so far.
Can you imagine February is up next?
Flying back home today for a girlie pamper session with mummy nerd.
Feeling coffee tipsy at the moment. Signing off!! ~

Nerd Travels . OSAKA Castle

Osaka Castle Front Garden from Above

Osaka Castle Front Garden from Above

OSAKA CASTLE is a Japanese castle in Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan. One of the most famous landmark with cute trees and overpriced but delicious street food. 
Salted curly fries and chilled beer combination were stimulating for a fresh and sunny Wednesday afternoon. Hop off at Tanimachi-4-chome Station and Osaka Castle is just a 17 mins (1.5km) walk away. Operating hours from 9am - 5pm daily.

Entrance Fee . ¥‎600 / rm24
Fries .  ¥‎500 / rm20
Beer . ¥‎500 / rm20

TRAVELING can be stressful at times. Having mild anxiety (self-diagnosed lol) only means that travel schedule cannot be jam packed and there has to be 'chilled-time' incorporated before a detrimental meltdown. My schedule is jam packed now. Obviously referring to travels itineraries only. What am I saying huh? Such an irony. Better shut up. If only I could time travel because crossing legs under the trees with billowy winter wind and afternoon booze session was life. Met this cool Shiba whom was chilling just like us. Went over to get his number and he didn't bother looking into my eyes. Men nowadays. 


Forcing a smile because you know why.

Hope you've enjoyed this little installment on Osaka Castle. Umeda Sky Building coming up next!! x