Nerd Travels . Tsurumiryokuchi Park

'May have just spell checked the word TSURUMLKECHEE 27 times." -nerd-

IT would be a fabulous idea feeding birds by the lake but since I was surviving with some grapes and a few breath of fresh air, I couldn't. Sob. Being a vegetarian for little over a year now, I've never had diffficulties finding food until these cute nom nom trucks don't sell vegetarian friendly food. Struggles were real! Not being negative Nancy because I ended up with a hugebox of COTTONCANDY flavoured grapes and a cup of coffee for lunch. This is gonna sound so cheesy but hey, always believe in silver linings :)


GREENERY beyond words could describe. 
Hope you are having a great January so far.
Can you imagine February is up next?
Flying back home today for a girlie pamper session with mummy nerd.
Feeling coffee tipsy at the moment. Signing off!! ~