Sunday Morning CLeanser


Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel .

Did I say Sunday? Nope its EVERYDAY. #typo

Going through my 3rd bottle at the moment. Not theee cheapest facial cleanser to commit to but since this 100ml bottle lasts for 6 months, it's a pretty sweet deal I reckon. Just placed a sneaky order off CULT BEAUTY on Christmas day because what's better than gifting yourself good skin and confidence to start the New Year ahead. If you were to ask me why have I not mentioned this cleanser or featured this any of our post last year, well it's because everything on the bottle was rubbed off and you would have thought it's a $7 travel liquid container from MUJI. It's true you can tell how much a person loves a product or an item by looking at the condition it's in. Mine was always horrendous and somehow turns out to be an angelic-exception. We work so hard growing our bank account but I still belief in taking good care of ourselves along the way and this cleanser turns out to be a beauty investment.

Signing off the 1st post of year 2017 on a fresh note. Coming back to you real soon.