What To Pack : Beauty Bits


This post provides a few tips on how NOT to lug your entire beauty stash whilst travelling.
I've once brought 3 tubes of 150 ml clay masks with me on a week-long trip. 
Been there, done that. Since watching out on what I use and how much I need day-to-day, I've picked up a few tips on how pack more responsibly.  It's was also the moment of truth I realized that size does matter.


01 Bring the usual

The number one mistake I made was to try out new skincare when I'm away. Constantly dealing with skin mishap and load of regrets. we all want to look snazzy on our trip away. Keep it safe and stick to what you know works best.

02 Check

Find out if basic hygiene NECESSITIES are provided at the other end. shampoo & conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash etc (or BODY LOTION even) I've stayed at hotel that gave me just a bar of soap. helpful.

03 Mini

Travel miniatures are great! however, they do take up space and most often un-finished by the end of the trip. For shorter trips, get sachet samples of your FAVORITE product because they are designed for one or two uses. Another tip would be to use decanters that stacks up and locks together to avoid fussing around getting confused between face cleanser and shaving cream.

04 Pick the beauty bag wisely

You'd understand how it feels when your favorite face powder shattered, and you sobbed on the bathroom floor in your floral undie. Beauty bag gives your products extra protection and 'the perfect size' tugs everything ever so nicely, reducing risk of anything breaking. Most of all, holds you back from over-packing. 

05 Don't do doubles

Take only one of each with you, primer, foundation, blusher...the list goes on and on but do try to stick with just one in every category. I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to this subject, however, I do bring an extra lip product for insurance. Just in case my clumsy-ass decides to  leave it at the dinner table underneath used napkins. 


These are 5 simple tips that I've learned along the way. I now use everything in my beauty bag except for my tweezers. Currently feeling sluggish and bloated and sluggish, wait did I just repeat myself, damn pms. I shall go put on a mask and snack on some Maltesers whilst I'm at it. Don't forget ladies, it's about having fun and bringing what we need. x




ngày lễ = VACATION

IF you are planning for a short getaway to somewhere within the South East Asia region and also bank account friendly, I'd say go to Vietnam for a fuss proof holiday destination. 

WE felt it was time to head back to Vietnam so we booked ourselves a 5 days trip to Saigon. The whole trip [Flight + Hotel] cost approximately RM850/person. Haven't shared anything on our recent trip to Vietnam but be assured that it's coming your way.

ASIDE from being coffee tipsy, we did put some effort on how we dressed. Not being a self-proclaimed professional but deciding on what to wear on a holiday can be strategically challenging. Make the smart move and you'll "POP" in every single picture taken. Since its VIETNAM, I played with muted tones, tribal prints, beachy hair and fun footwear. doyoufeelthosepomspoms. 

QUICK TIPs before packing:
.01 Do some research on the destination. What colour scheme and tone most of the landmarks are.
.02 Explore google image to get an idea on the cultural aspect of your destination.
.03 Visit fashion websites for holiday outfit inspirations and style ideas. [StyleWe is a great one to check out!]
.04 Search latest hashtags on Instagram for updates or a glance on the real-life situation.
Aside from rolling our clothes and packing travel sized toiletries, there is more to learn when it comes to packing smart.
These are our vacation essentials:
. Kimono . Bikini . Shorts . Hat . Sunnies . Sandals .
Just if you're wondering why is that black pair of loafers in the mix, I've never travelled anywhere without a pair of statement kicks.
Airport essential. Checked!!

How To Pack For A Business Trip . Autumn

Season: Autumn
Weather: Sunny, Slightly Humid.
Duration: 23 days
Temperature: 12°C  to 28°C
Baggage Type: Check-In (30KG)
Colour Palette: Navy, Nude, Black and Mustard.
Occasion: Business and Meetings
Culture: Conservative
Is it me or does most 'How to Pack for a Business Trip' revolves around a man's wardrobe?  Since we have been jetting around and living out of a suitcase, we thought we'd share tips on how us ladies can pack without sacrificing our personal style yet still looking professional and business ready. Leaving for a business trip very soon. Therefore let's pack! As usual, we are using 'The 5 4 3 2 1 Packing Rule' as a packing guideline. A rule of thumb before we get started is to check the weather and know what to expect before we even start packing.





.01 Grey Knit

One of the most versatile traveling piece of life. Wear it on the plane to save space, pair it with a pair of fun trousers or modernly cut pencil skirt for a chic corporate look. Swap it up with a pair of fitted jeans and sneakers for an off-duty weekend look.

.03 Black Lace-Up Blouse

Tuck into black trousers and A-Line skirt during office hours or wear it with some dark denim and vans on casual Fridays. Also a great lightweight piece to lounge around or run errands in.

.02 Mustard Knit

An unexpected punch of colour to break the monochromatic theme. Extended sleeves with golden buttons transform a conventional knit top into something playful and quirky.

.04 Cropped Checkered Shirt

To be worn with highwaisted trousers/skirts on warmer autumn days. Most probably wearing it under my trench coat without overheating what's under. If the temperature somehow decides to drop, patterned shirt is a great layering piece under knitwear for a peek of surprise.

.05 Navy T-Shirt

A good T-shirt does it all. Dress it up with skirts, trousers, dress it down with jeans and even on its own. *smirk*






.01 Black Trousers

Foundation to a girl boss's wardrobe. A pair of power trousers that is well fitted brings out a person's charisma and taste, eventually leading to self-confidence and energy that everyone is after. This pair of trousers from & other stories is my favourite and has travelled with me on multiple trips.

.03 Navy A Line Skirt

'Statement' bottom that compliments the whole colour scheme. Classic A-Line skirt showcases formality without being overly feminine. The one I have is slightly structured and is made out of a semi-thick fabric which works perfect for the season.

.02 High-Waisted Jeans

Another travel essential that can dressed up and down. One thing to take note of is the fit (Skinny, Flared, Cropped) and colour. Light washed denim tends to look a little more laid-back therefore if you are looking to increase the frequency of wear, I'd say go for darker washed denim.

.04 Highwaisted Shorts

Great way to look chic and less bulky during the colder months. However, I don't recommend doing this if it's freezing outside. Would love to wear some leggings underneath and try to look youthful before I go into my 30s. #justjoking 






.02 LBD

Power outfit. One of the prettiest and comfiest dress I own. Interesting way to look sexy, effortless and appealing in a conservative environment. Simple design played up with polka dotted mesh and a seamless sweetheart neckline. Where's my report?!

.01 Nude Knit Dress

Classic roll-neck knitted dress is absolutely in-trend at the moment. Works well on its own but I reckon it'll look fabulous with trench coat draping over the shoulders and a sexy red lip.  La Vie en Rose x


.03 LWD

LWD adds a breath of fresh air and youthfulness to any travel wardrobe without being too cutesy. A white canvas works like salt & perpper with my trench coats [Navy + Nude] and shoe options [Leather brogues, Strappy Heels, Nude Flats and Floral Vans]. Bringing this LWD from day to night, from dim sum breakfast to formal dinner occasions. 

**Disclaimer: Travelling with white clothing item isn't a smart choice but since I have convenient washing facilities, why not eh :p




.02 Navy Trench Coat

Slightly different from the nude one as this has lapels. A more masculine outerwear for days when we want a boost of a little something something. Navy is playing strong in this packing game. Put on a monochromatic navy ensemble for a little surprise. How fashionable. 

.01 Nude Trench Coat

Lightweight trench that isn't too bulky and doesn't take up too much room in the suitcase. Washes easily and is absolutely versatile. Wear it with anything you can think of. Had to bring up the washing factor because you know how it is when you travel with just 15 items and a bar of soap. 






.01 Blanket Scarf


The only blanket related item that is socially acceptable on the streets. Decided to go for a navy printed scarf because the deeper shade has more formality and would look great with anything (also because this is one of the three scarfs I own).





.01 Black Leather Shoes
.02 Nude Pointy Flats
.03 Black Strappy Heels
.04 Floral Vans

.05 Leggings x1
.06 Pajamas x2
.07 Socks + Undergarments
.08 Makeup + Skincare [Details here]


Depending on the duration of your trip, cut down on the number of bottoms, dresses and shoes where possible. By mix and matching all items I've packed I could easily get 26 outfits without repeating and that is a month's worth of outfit :) Stay tuned if you want to see how I style and pull through the month long business trip with just 15 clothing items. Thank you for reading and see you soon!! x