Why Palladium Wedding Rings Are Perfect For You And Your Partner

Since weddings symbolise a lifetime commitment, it’s important that the type of ring chosen will be best for you and your partner and hopefully last a lifetime as well. In this article, there will be 3 points discussed to explain why palladium rings are ideal.

A Ring is a halo on your finger.

1. Pure Palladium

Palladium rings are made of up to 95% or up to 50% in Palladium, without the use of nickel. This ensures the rings are high quality and will last a lifetime, just like your marriage. The color, weight and quality of the band on which the diamond rests are other important factors to consider when choosing a ring that follows you through eternity. Palladium rings are also naturally white in colour without the possibility of fading over time unlike white gold.

2. Perfect For Men

We know men can be difficult to buy for. Palladium wedding rings in many metals are available in custom designs to make sure they won’t want to remove the ring from their finger. Most couples like this ring because unlike platinum rings, it is light on the finger making it easier to wear without any pain or discomfort, especially for those who aren’t used to wearing a ring on your finger.

3. No Maintenance Required

There are many metals that require a significant amount of upkeep to maintain its quality and style. These can include white gold which will require frequent re-plating to keep the rhodium coating from wearing off. Palladium wedding rings, on the other hand, require almost zero upkeep and can be worn for years whilst looking brand new. It’s the best of both worlds having a high quality wedding ring without needing to spend extra money for upkeep.

PALLADIUM ring is a highly sought after ring, and is becoming more and more popular as a wedding ring. As it’s affordable and provides just as much if not more than your standardised platinum ring. With palladium rings, you won’t be left disappointed. Happy marriage love xoxo