Peach Morganite

I've always seen Peach as a fruit, not anymore.

Morganite (also known as Pink Beryl) is part of the beryl family, has great reminiscence of Rose Quartz and Pink Spinel which the latter is rare and only accessible by the Queen or Beyoncé. The natural peachy pink hue pairs beautifully with rose gold which makes it extremely well known among young couples in USA. It isn't surprising to us that rose gold and peach morganite engagement rings hold a royal status in the wedding industry (omg did I just say that).

Everything rosy goldy and peachy nudey will continue be a trend until YouTube gurus stop decorating their home with rose gold touches. ps I love Zoella. Just if you're wondering how do these couples settle on the perfect shade of peach, here goes the color chart of morganite which puts everyone on the same note. Instead of, "the tub of peach body butter from body shop".


We recently came across the Myraygem website, where a well-researched article about Diamond engagement ring caught our attention. We've shared many gem articles throughout the years yet learning about gem is a lifelong process. Just like anything else in life, as I said in our previous post, I'm still learning how to fry an egg. Damn it. Our research on the Morganite and Diamond engagement rings thought us that Morganite is a quirky gem as the color changes through heat treatment. 

Morganite has a lower price point among most gemstones. For this reason, we foresee how Morganite will continue to be celebrated for the upcoming years. In the meanwhile, I shall start saving for a Morganite nose ring and a tub of eye cream. Just if you missed our skincare update, have you left us any recommendations?


ps As you're reading this, I've just arrived Shanghai for work.
See I wasn't joking about working for the ring & eye cream.