The Bomber Factor

. SheIn Bomber .  Michael Kors Watch [similar] . Vans Sneakers [similar] .

.Inner badass Unleashed.

"Found 1000 other blogger dudes styling them in a hundred different ways. Perhaps it's time for us ladies to take over the trend." - nerd -

They said it's sexy to wear your man's clothes. Haven't identified who my man is but I'm all about the understated sexiness too.
I've always loved a good fusion of tough yet feminine pieces, bringing out a woman's masculine side without losing her true identity.
Let it be a sleeveless blazer, denim shirt or structured bag. There is something special about incorporating stronger accents into an outfit.
I've been on a hunt for the perfect Bomber but none suited my smaller frame especially around the shoulder area.
This FABULOUS Bomber Jacket from Shein came to no surprise. Here's what I like about this Bomber Jacket:

. Well Crafted
. Sits Above the Bum
. Puffy Enough
. Beautiful Fabric
and comes in 3 gorgeous shades. Winner.

Went for this saucy Olive Green because I was told by Gigi Hadid that "Military Style "is going to be a hit this 2017 .
Can't wait to wear this to the airport and anywhere that sells coffee and doughnut.
Weekend uniform sorted. 
Have you tried the Bomber Jacket? How do you pair it with?

NOTE: Wanted to hide the mark on my thigh but since it's a mosquito bite from my recent vacation, please excuse whilst I keep it there for memory sake.


If I were to take on the athleisure trend as a lazy ass person. This is how far I'll go. 

Adidas sports bra . Shein stretch pants . Nike running shoes [similar]


ATHLEISURE has been in the fashion industry since celebrities and fashion icons started wearing sportswear on the streets. Making gym gear street wear pretty much. That includes yoga pants, sweat pants and well-designed sports bra if you may. Being a person with a curvier bottom, finding a pair of leggings to workout in isn't at all easy. It has to flatter the body from all angles and sit on the body well enough to endure all those bending & stretching. These leggings that I have on fits my figure perfectly. Hugs me at the right spot, cuts right above the ankle and most importantly it doesn't give me a camel toe. Yoohooo!  One thing I have to say though, these are perfect for traveling (yes to comfy airport outfits), lounging around and even to sleep in but isn't workout appropriate due to its slightly slippery fabric. 

How good is it to look like we were just casually grabbing a cup of coffee right after walking out from the gym?  Packing this with us for all trips from now on. If you are interested in getting yourself a pair, do go a size down. I have mine in size S but I reckon size XS will fit better due to the amount of stretch it has.

What do you think of athleisure?
We believe most fashion trends will come to an end but who knows if looking 'sporty and active' can sustain the in the fashion marathon this time round. 
More style posts coming up. Hope to see you again on Friday!