Top 5 Shopping Tips

We have been working so hard for the whole year. Let's not put our bonus payout to waste shall we?  -Nerd-

Year 2016 is about to come to an end.  The time where retailers slash down price tags and everyone starts shopping for gifts (hello Christmas!!) or brand new items to kickstart the fresh year ahead. With all that heart-stirring deals and intense clear-outs, shopping experience can be a little overwhelming. We thought of sharing some of our shopping tips (in-store/online) to avoid making unnecessary purchases that you might regret later on or even spend way over your budget.

Here are some of the pieces we have been eye-ing on recently. Just a share.


.01 Would you buy it if isn't on sale?

You know its true love when you are willing to pay the full price. Therefore if you hesitate on paying the full price, most probably it's an impulse purchase. Put it down and go find something else.

.02 Do you see flaws in it?

"If it was a tad bit longer", "If this was a lighter shade of Pink", "If these jeans fit better around the crotch area".
If you have already noticed all those in the fitting room, most likely everything will be magnified as you reach home. 
Know that you are perfect and the product isn't. Ultimately, you wouldn't reach for it as much as you think you would. Therefore save yourself some cash and find something that really fits.

.03 Does it suit your lifestyle?

Things to look into:
- Is it washer friendly?
- Does it require ironing?
- Is the colour transferrable?

Take a look at the fabric and washing tags. If an item requires extra special care (i.e. Dry cleaning/Separate wash) very likely you wouldn't use/wear it as frequent as something that is fuss free. I stray away from white clothing pieces and clothing that gets wrinkly in general. No time to spend in front of the ironing board or dealing with bleach. Since I live out of a suitcase most of the time, buying pieces that are lightweight (washes & dries easily) and versatile makes more sense. Do you work in the office or at home? Is your working environment more formal or casual? Majority of our time spent is where we should consider spending more money on. Therefore if an item suits your lifestyle and identity, don't even worry about the cost-per-wear factor :)

.04 Do you feel good wearing it? 

 Do you feel fierce, gorgeous and confident using/wearing it? If an item makes you feel like a million dollars worth, darling you do you.

.05 Will it last for at least a year?

STYLE and QUALITY. It's time we spend money wisely ladies. Trendy pieces that'll last for a season and clothing that wears off easily isn't worth investing on. Not just dollar and cents but also time. We have a career to build and nobody has got time to deal with shoe soles falling off. Some trendy pieces however do stay for a while and can be categorized as a classic piece if you may. I have an off-the-shoulder top in this gorgeous crepe fabric which has been doing me well and will be for years to come. We reckon if you love a piece and think that the item can be worn multiple times with various outfits in different occasions and can still hold its shape throughout time, its money well spent. 

Bear in mind that fast fashion isn't eco-friendly therefore it is absolutely important for us to make wise decisions :)