Food In Singapore // Hyde & Co

Scandinavian inspired furnishings and coffee scented room. The space I'd dream having brunch at, with a silly friend and good laughter. 

So that's what we did.

Just a short walk away from Bugis Station, Hyde & Co was pleasantly an easy one to find. You'll be there in no time.

785 North Bridge Road Singapore 198753


Non-Vegetarian Option

Non-Vegetarian Option

Festive vegetarian friendly brunch that doesn't involve poached eggs, hollandaise sauce & guacamole.

Served alongside a hot cup of Cappuccino prepared by Barista Damien. Nothing better than cuppa with a foamy swan.

Waffles were delicious and coffee was marvelous. Creamy & soft Vanilla Bean Ice Cream sweetened to perfection.

Toad In The Hole and The Elvis sits right on my to-taste list. Check out Hyde & Co website and let me know which dish made you drool.


Nerd Travels // Singapore #1


"If you look like your passport picture, you probably need a trip"

Was about to shatter at the beginning of December and thankfully the short stay-cation came right on time. A trip away gave me the space to breath, inspired me to move on, go further and most importantly brought me back on track :)

Visited the Hermes Exhibition, Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition, Nobel Prize Exhibition at the Art Science Museum. Strolled around aimlessly taking pictures whilst playing with different camera settings, vlogged my experience, had a slice of blue velvet cake and walked in the rain. Hopped around cafes with an intention to explore and share good coffee alongside great vegetarian food option. 

Museums were never my thing and walking in the rain with just a map and no directions was never a page in my dictionary. Travelling alone makes one grow and I can never stress enough how important is it to break the cycle that we live in, once in a while. Drank three cups of coffee on the first day itself and pretty much ended up in a 3 hours long conversation with a Spanish guy and a sleepless night. 

Stay tuned for more travel pictures, foody contents and a budget-snazzy-cool accommodation option in Singapore which I'd totally recommend. Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Nerd Travels // Singapore Part 1

Let's take a break from all the Tassie goodness shall we? Bought an air ticket, arranged accommodation with cuzzie then off I went to Singapore. Haven't been to the Financial hub since 4 years back. Oh~ Those were the days when I was still a university student. Wanted to make time for my family in Singapore and dear friend whom I missed like cray. Wasn't planning for intense island exploration, shopping or gourmet dining experience with fancy dinner dress and stilettos. That would be perfect but with the weakening currency, I wish.

There were several places I wanted to strike off my <Singapore Travel List> so badly. So that's where we went! 

Gardens by The Bay

Marina Bay Sands

Haji Lane

The weather was hot and stuffy so lame hair and oily face was part and parcel. Not to complain, but being out the whole day in that weather was kinda challenging. Imagine how sticky we were by midnight! Flies and falling leaves could literally stick on us if the wind blew. Okay, I was exaggerating. Haha. You could tell through my face above.

Lucky enough, there was an ongoing "Light fest" where buildings light up from 19:00 till 00:00. Moving light graphics could be found at most corners. Chilled around town, watched live performance by  <<The Lost Box>> and sipped on some cool beer. Life.

Thank you for reading and Happy Wednesday!

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