Cotton Dress

. Cotton Dress [similar] .

One cool thing about wearing a cotton dress, is that you won't be penalized for being in public looking like a wrinkly sack. Cotton wrinkles anyway? Who is there to blame huh. This is by far my favorite cotton dress. It comes with layered ruffles, classic pinstripe and enough room for a food baby or literally one. Just saying.

Bought this dress when we were in Ho Chi Minh city last December. It was an exceptionally windy day in Taipei so I styled it with a velvet headband (didn't do much holding my hair), navy sunglasses, drapey knit cardigan, old skool vans and my favorite bag.

Taipei 18°C


27 April 2017


Trying hard to force a smile and somehow look humane, as the wind started blowing from down under I was freezing my toosh. Not classy. I know. Blame myself for not being prepared. That's when you have too much trust on the weatherman! We spent the afternoon walking around in the cold and hunted for comfort food as at when necessary. Ended the day with a glorious holiday glow c:


Not Blending In

"Individualism can be deemed negative. The more you blend in with everyone else, the more compliant and safe your life is." -anonymous-
Nope. Doesn't apply here.
Chloé'  perfume.  Something sensational I reward myself with. If you can't function well at least smell good. Moto for life.

Chloé' perfume. Something sensational I reward myself with. If you can't function well at least smell good. Moto for life.

Absolute zero time for spring cleaning and shopping till Chinese New Year ("CNY") hits me in the face.
However, I won't hit the panic button as long as Banana Leaf Rice and Teh Halia is still around. Phewie.
Schedule packed back-to-back until 3 days before we start indulging in CNY cookies and poker cards.
As of today, I'm off to Vietnam for some quality time with mummy nerd.
Drafting this post in advance but I'm pretty sure our girlie vacay invovles Vietnamese spring rolls and hand-dripped coffee.
Secretly wanting a body massage and a juicy sunset.
Will keep you posted x

Basically Basic

"A biker jacket brings out the cool side of a woman without having to own a Harley"

I have been on the hunt for a pair of strappy flats which is versatile enough to bring an outfit from lunch dates to office meetings. Comfy enough to run the world yet stylish enough to grab attention. This cost ¥800 and I wear size XL. We were actually shocked by how shoe sizing goes from S to XL. Is this normal in Japan or is it just GU??

.01 Forever 21 top [similar]  .02 Pimkie faux leather jacket [similar]  .03 Uniqlo jeans 
.04 Zalora bag  .05 GU choker [similar]  .06  GU flats  .07 Bailey Nelson glasses

Before I start rambling on how beautiful Hozenji Yokocho was, I wanna thank my supportive (and gorgeous!!) bestie who took all of my outfit pictures with patience and love. Without her I'd be struggling with stacked up rocks and arranging trash cans.

Temperature dropped to 18°C just past mid-afternoon and the air started to get chilly. Went back to basics with a T, highwaisted jeans and faux leaather biker jacket. Finished off the look with a gold choker and some sassy flats. Both the gold choker and flats are from GU, a popular fast fashion brand in Japan. We aren't advocates of fast fashion by all means but this pair of faux leather flats was love at first sight.