Mermaid Dreams


"On our last day in Taiwan, I decided to dress like a Mermaid."

Life as who we are can be overwhelming and bars of expectations set by the society can be a total burn out. Losing sense of self and suppressing our identities as we move along. I believe we have all gone through phases of identity crisis where we question who we are and care too much of what the society perceives us to be. It came to realization that we have conflicted identities and it's fine to carry them all at once. Just like a Mermaid, we can belong everywhere or somewhere in between. 

Travelled 2 hours to the North-East of Taiwan to this flavourful suburban town feeling breezy and carefree. My legs were pretty much swollen due to standing for countless hours! Thank goodness they were incognito underneath this silky maxi. If I could wear this everyday, I would. As a gentle reminder that it's alright to have multiple identities in life. Till then. xoxo