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Window of the World (世界之窗) located in the western part of Shenzhen was an eye opener. Traveled to 10 countries in just 4 hours made me feel like a hero. It was 37 degrees  outside and we walked in the humidity with a camera on one hand and a piece of tissue paper on another. I've visted a handful of the famous attractions in real life therefore some of the mini wonders was a sweet recap to my travel jounal. Ticket Priced at rmb180 [approx. RM110].

Missing those Summery days as we explored Shenzhen with dripping sweat and body odor.
Heat and humidity wasn't at all a pleasant combination.
I had a great experience travelling around one of the larger cities in China.
Hopping onto taxis that speeds at 130km/h and late night window shopping along old street (老街) was a memorable experience. 

Have you been to Shenzhen (深圳)?