Groom’s Wedding Ring Guide: Tips on Finding the Perfect Ring

"We all know it's time..."

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YOU'RE walking on air. Engagement ring sparkling on your right ring finger and you are still reeling from the happy surprise. Now, it’s time for you to think about the the wedding band you are about to place on his finger on your wedding day. For many men, their wedding band is the first (and possibly only!) time they will wear jewellery, so you have a lot of responsibility in your decision. But don’t fret! Choose a reputable and reliable jeweller, and you will be in good hands, Try looking into design and craftsmanship from Simon West Fine Jewellery. They have a huge collection of wedding bands for both men and women.

Well assured
the ring we choose for our man
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THERE is no time to skimp on anything having to do with the precious wedding jewellery.  Your groom knows that he’ll be getting a ring (or is he not? hehe) and even though you’re picking it out, there’s no reason you can’t have a discussion of what he truly loves and would actually wear it for the rest of his life. THE first aspect you need to consider is to ensure that it fits comfortably. Take into account how it feels on the finger of your future Mr. A key to choosing the right wedding band for a groom is to give serious consideration to the width of the band. Most men’s wedding bands range from 5mm to 7 mm. If you aren't too sure of the size (howww could you?!) feel free to find assistance online. Check out this guide to men’s wedding rings. For more tips, here goes "Seven Tips to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band" for the groom is also available online.

HOPEFULLY we helped you in choosing the right wedding band for your groom. Not tips on choosing the right groom *coughs coughs* but choosing the right wedding band for your groom. Before signing off, we truly believe simple wedding band looks the best on man at any age. What do you think?