Bamboo Days

Arashiyama was slightly over-rated.
Disappointed on how commercialized everything were but nonetheless a great backdrop for pictures taking don't you think?

Bangkok knit dress [similar]
Topshop sleeveless coat [similar]
 GU flats
 Larsson & Jennings watch

Wore this dress for the second time because there wasn't anything 'new' to wear at that point.
Trespassing into small alleyways, bumping into pedestrians and cycling with a tensed-up face is always something fun to do. 
Cycling reminded me of how we paddled across the streets of Amsterdam through hundreds of canals with a partially torn paper map.
Amsterdam is a more bicycle-friendly city than Kyoto. However, I find Japanese bicycles more 'user-friendly'.
Build-in baskets? Not being demanding but everyone needs storage for their camera, ¥100 onigiri and peach flavoured beer.
Oh yes, I got sunburned that day. Hooray.

Currently swimming in a pool of  work in China. Time to wrap up and head back to where I belong.
Celebrating my birthday abroad for the 3rd year in a row.
This year I'm are asking for chocolate chip cookies, shining stars, dark blue sky and a good night sleep :)