Inspirational Monday

"No man needs a vacation as much as a man who just had one."
- Elbert Hubbard -

Came back from our sweet vacation recently.
Caught a tan, fueled our souls and came home with this sexy holiday glow.
Miss kick-starting our mornings with banana pancakes, and
ending our nights with cocktails (or anything boozy) and late night strolls by the beach.  
Still dealing with post-holiday withdrawals can you tell.
However, we have a dream to realize, goals to achieve and bills to pay.
Therefore back to work! 

Happy June x



AS mainstream at it sounds, I revisited my 2016 resolution and reflected on it. Can't believe I've only had 3 resolutions last year because it felt like 30. Thankgoodness I've achieved everything except for learning how to bake like the mother of cookies. Year 2017 was a year of self exploration. Also the year which marks the end of something which has been holding me back eversince. Didn't focus too much on growing but we all know that GROWTH isn't optional. It came along as I focused on understanding my true self. It's an adventure that'll never stop because true enough, I haven't been focusing on myself at all to deserve what my mind and body contributed to me these years.


I'VE never stopped working. My plate was always filled with things I love but there wasn't a slot for me to step back and do nothing. Being productive is absolutely great but it hit me real hard several times last year where I was shaking with tiredness and my sight got blurry but I bit the bullet and powered through still. This could sound insane but at that point of time, my mind was telling me to go forward and I felt it was the right thing to do. Don't get me wrong, my body was in good shape and I was physically the fittest and healthiest I've been in years. Mentally very strong as well. In honesty 360/366 days were spent feeling grateful and bloody happy.


Krabi, Thailand.
Perth, Australia.
Guangzhou, China.
Shenzhen, China.
Hong Kong, China.
Bangkok, Thailand.
Osaka, Japan.
Kyoto, Japan.
Nara, Japan.
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam,
Mui Ne, Vietnam.




Give myself more time for a breather. Be less harsh. Enough said.
. 02 BAKE
Back to when I was a teenager, my 'career' goal for life was to be a housewife.
Amazing how a person could change over time. wheresmyreportwhathousewifecomeon.
Baked chocolate chip cookies a few weeks back and for a virgin baker dang were they presentable.
For the next bake, I'll be cutting 50% off the recommended sugar input because I'm an old lady that doesn't have a sweet tooth.
Jokes aside, time to get back into baking.
If you have an easy chocolocate chip cookie recipe, please share.

That's all for now as things get dirty and messy in the kitchen.
List of resolutions to be updated as at when anything hits me. Because how is 2 ever enough?
What are your resultions for 2017? x
Happy March Love.

White Out


"Not sure where to look at. The camera or the hot guy behind the camera. Decisions."

We got an award for being the most under-dressed person in Universal Studio Japan (USJ). Thank goodness we decided to be matchy matchy with white tops, jeans and a wobbly half knot. Yup I changed my hairstyle eventually because when you see other people dressed up as mustard sauce and sailormoon, girl you better buck up!! Atmosphere at USJ was surreal. As a USJ virgin, I did not expect to see walking radish and Spiderman queuing up for caramel popcorn. 

To combat the heat, I opted for a white cotton T tucked into some high-waisted jeans and a choker which somehow decided to disappear in pictures. The scorching sun and rising temperature melted our face we lost our identity by the end of the dayI'd tell my readers to wear something sleeveless and breezy but by looking at how my friend burned her shoulders and how I got 2 shades tanner, girl, you do you. 

Just curious, what would you wear to a theme park? x

Thrifted top
Uniqlo jeans
Taobao platforms
GU choker
Bailey Nelson sunnies