Nerd Travels . Tsurumiryokuchi Park

'May have just spell checked the word TSURUMLKECHEE 27 times." -nerd-

IT would be a fabulous idea feeding birds by the lake but since I was surviving with some grapes and a few breath of fresh air, I couldn't. Sob. Being a vegetarian for little over a year now, I've never had diffficulties finding food until these cute nom nom trucks don't sell vegetarian friendly food. Struggles were real! Not being negative Nancy because I ended up with a hugebox of COTTONCANDY flavoured grapes and a cup of coffee for lunch. This is gonna sound so cheesy but hey, always believe in silver linings :)


GREENERY beyond words could describe. 
Hope you are having a great January so far.
Can you imagine February is up next?
Flying back home today for a girlie pamper session with mummy nerd.
Feeling coffee tipsy at the moment. Signing off!! ~

White Out


"Not sure where to look at. The camera or the hot guy behind the camera. Decisions."

We got an award for being the most under-dressed person in Universal Studio Japan (USJ). Thank goodness we decided to be matchy matchy with white tops, jeans and a wobbly half knot. Yup I changed my hairstyle eventually because when you see other people dressed up as mustard sauce and sailormoon, girl you better buck up!! Atmosphere at USJ was surreal. As a USJ virgin, I did not expect to see walking radish and Spiderman queuing up for caramel popcorn. 

To combat the heat, I opted for a white cotton T tucked into some high-waisted jeans and a choker which somehow decided to disappear in pictures. The scorching sun and rising temperature melted our face we lost our identity by the end of the dayI'd tell my readers to wear something sleeveless and breezy but by looking at how my friend burned her shoulders and how I got 2 shades tanner, girl, you do you. 

Just curious, what would you wear to a theme park? x

Thrifted top
Uniqlo jeans
Taobao platforms
GU choker
Bailey Nelson sunnies

Basically Basic

"A biker jacket brings out the cool side of a woman without having to own a Harley"

I have been on the hunt for a pair of strappy flats which is versatile enough to bring an outfit from lunch dates to office meetings. Comfy enough to run the world yet stylish enough to grab attention. This cost ¥800 and I wear size XL. We were actually shocked by how shoe sizing goes from S to XL. Is this normal in Japan or is it just GU??

.01 Forever 21 top [similar]  .02 Pimkie faux leather jacket [similar]  .03 Uniqlo jeans 
.04 Zalora bag  .05 GU choker [similar]  .06  GU flats  .07 Bailey Nelson glasses

Before I start rambling on how beautiful Hozenji Yokocho was, I wanna thank my supportive (and gorgeous!!) bestie who took all of my outfit pictures with patience and love. Without her I'd be struggling with stacked up rocks and arranging trash cans.

Temperature dropped to 18°C just past mid-afternoon and the air started to get chilly. Went back to basics with a T, highwaisted jeans and faux leaather biker jacket. Finished off the look with a gold choker and some sassy flats. Both the gold choker and flats are from GU, a popular fast fashion brand in Japan. We aren't advocates of fast fashion by all means but this pair of faux leather flats was love at first sight.