Travelling On a Budget

the juicy bits behind how we travel

When it comes to travelling, it will come to no surprise that we are constantly on-the-go, living the life out of a suitcase.
We often get questions on how we can afford to do so without having to dine on canned beans and leftover bread crumbs 300 days annually. 
It all draws down to reasonably-good financial planning, and, these handy travel tips.
It'll be fun to take you through how we would normally book a holiday starting from scratch!


01 Pick a place

Start from listing down countries or places you have in mind then take note of the time you are planning to depart or allowed to take a few days off work. cough.  Do some research on 'the best time to visit xxx' because you'd be surprised how this piece of information could make or break your trip. We've travelled to Koh Li Peh, Thailand during the monsoon season and it was tragic. 90% of the shops were closed and snorkelling wasn't fun either (my friend literally puked in the sea). Air tickets were cheap due to off-peak season but what's the point darling. After you've selected a place to go, let's move on.


02 Pick a flight

For anyone who asks me: where do I spend the most on traveling. Honey, it's those bloody air tickets and accommodation (which we will talk about shortly). Assuming you picked Bali, since April - October is the best time to visit, we'll show you how to find the best deals at the comfort of your couch. Multiple airlines offer flights from Kuala Lumpur to Bali, in fact some might not even be heard of therefore it take yonks to search for a flight that is the best. 
[Note: Return tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Bali cost less than rm500 mid-May]


03 Pick an Accommodation

Cheapest flight down, this next. Another tip would be to book somewhere central of the main attractions to save on transportation cost or anywhere that provides free transportation! Do also consider staying somewhere slightly away from town if you appreciate more peace at night like me. Blame premature aging and anxiety. Decide on how much you have budgeted for the trip then plan your accommodation from there on. Accommodation does make up to your entire travel budget, but I wouldn't recommend going for the cheapest option available. Do more research and spend a few minutes going through trusted reviews.


04 Plan Your Trip in Advance

I sound like such a loser but planning beforehand does help with your travel budget. Clustering up places-to-visit with things-to-do and food-to-eat is life changing. By experience, pre-planned schedule doesn't always work out 100% but it does give you a clear idea in terms of where to go, what to do and what to eat. Doing unnecessary traveling (i.e. extra trips) is a waste of money and time. By defying the art of not-giving-a-fuck, we end up saving $$ for the next trip.


Congratulations if you've manage to reach the bottom of this post without falling asleep. I hope this isn't too "Lecture 101" because we certainly want everyone to explore out and beyond. Stretching out your travel budget reasonably is key. Traveling on a budget does come by experience as we now spend lesser for holidays than we used to. Watching out on your travel budget before the trip is way efficient than doing it during the trip (i.e. eat instant noodles 3 meals a day). I hope these tips help with putting your travel funds to good use.
Safe journey and happy holidays everyone.