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Window of the World (世界之窗) located in the western part of Shenzhen was an eye opener. Traveled to 10 countries in just 4 hours made me feel like a hero. It was 37 degrees  outside and we walked in the humidity with a camera on one hand and a piece of tissue paper on another. I've visted a handful of the famous attractions in real life therefore some of the mini wonders was a sweet recap to my travel jounal. Ticket Priced at rmb180 [approx. RM110].

Missing those Summery days as we explored Shenzhen with dripping sweat and body odor.
Heat and humidity wasn't at all a pleasant combination.
I had a great experience travelling around one of the larger cities in China.
Hopping onto taxis that speeds at 130km/h and late night window shopping along old street (老街) was a memorable experience. 

Have you been to Shenzhen (深圳)? 

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CHINA being one of the largest country was never on my travel bucket list and you know how Justin Bieber said never say never? He was right.
Since taking up the position as an internal auditor almost 2 years back, I've visited mainland China numerous times and spent alsmot 5 months living like a Chinese.
You know how people say that traveling is fun? Yes it is. Only if it doesn't exceed a 7 days point mark and it doesn't involve work. 
For my case, I don't see it as traveling but more of living with the people and blending in with the locals. Which is why every single business trip was well enjoyed and appreciated.

One thing well know in Guangdong province, it's the variety of food selection from different parts of China.  


When you are in Guangzhou, do drop by 'Beijing Lu' (北京路) for a unique taste of xxx where Chinese traditional architecture meets contemporary. Too munch information but we had 7 meals that day. Most memorable one would be the 'Black Stinky Tofu' (臭豆腐) soaked in spicy Chong Qing styled sauce accompanied by a  maximum amount of chopped garlic I could ever ask for. Darnlicious. Thankgoodness the picture is missing or else I might be charged for posting food porn.

'Ling Nan Tian Di' (岭南天地) one of the coolest place to visit in Foshan, Guangzhou. If you can't tell yet, I love a good fusion of both worlds.
Avengers in brick walls?! Yes please. 




Was hesitant to pay the 20 entrance fee into but I was told that the little porcelain statues on the roof and bonzai garden is worth a look, so I did pay.  Just a little throwback but the weather was absolute fantastic the day we were there. 

A quaint place to recollect thoughts and breathe among the spacious gaps between trees. 'Zu Miao' (祖庙) the place I came out being a Wing Chun (咏春) expert. 


Hope you like this short travel installment on China.
Being in different places almost every month exposes me to things that I haven't seen and challenges that couldn't be put into words. 
More of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Thailand travel photodiary coming up next. 
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The Pinnacles 

The Pinnacles 

One tip I've learnt from travelling is to consume fruits as much as you can. Try making it a to-do to snag fresh fruits from the local grocery store regardless of the price tag because I can't stress how important is it to stay fit & hydrated whilst travelling. To 'push' down the potentially exploding budget, consider getting a box of cereal or freshly baked pastries from the supermarket to fill your belly! 

Best hotel breakfast I've had in yearsss. Chef was so lovely we had a speedy chat about life as he prepared my sexy omelette. Beautifully cooked mushrooms, cloudy pancakes and delicious fruits. Accompanied by a handful of nuts and a hot cup of coffee to keep my soul going.

Jacket // Top // Skirt // Shoes // Watch
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Sneaking in an #OOTD. Everything au-neutral, beige with cool undertones. Played around with knits and faux leather to add pazzazz to the outfit without blending in too much with the desert.

Crown Promenade Perth
Bolton Avenue and Great Eastern Highway
6100 Perth
Western Australia.

"Situated within the famous Crown Perth complex, the centrally located 4.5-star Crown Promenade Perth offers modern, comfortable rooms. Guests can enjoy a variety of entertainment and dining facilities onsite, including 7 restaurants, 8 bars, a night club and a 24-hour casino."

7 restaurants and 8 bars? Enough said. 



I love how Perth is different from other parts of Australia we've been to. Landscape in Western Australia was phenomenal. One of the best I've seen in the 24 years of my life. Going on road trips with my family created good memories that will forever stay near & dear to my heart. As I've always mentioned, living in a city makes me appreciate everything outside of the concrete jungle. Every bird that greeted us in the morning till every sunset that came upon us. If I were given a chance to head back to Australia, it'll definitely be the West Coast because trust me, it's magical.