Wedding Season


"Marriage is just the garden gate. along the path there will be weeds and flowers. pull the weed. cherish the flowers."

GARDEN WEDDING truly SIGNIFIES THE MEANING OF A MARRIAGE. BRINGING OUR CLOSEd ONEs BACK TO mother NATURE, allowing them to sign off and move one step away from the hustle bustle whilst we gather and CELEBRATe LOVE in a discrete, intimate and Muted way. Where love meets nature.

It's simple, raw and beautiful how NATURAL SUNSHINE LIGHTS UP THE ceremony INSTEAD OF crystal CHANDELIER, HOW regimented row of TREES replaces PHOTO-BOOTH and fancy backdrops. How laughter in the air and sound of rustling leaves takes over staged gigs.

SHE WALKS DOWN THE AISLE wearing A SIMPLE white gown so long it drags across fallen leaves WITH FRESH BLOOMS HELD IN HER ARMS, HANDPICKED BY the GROOM right from THEir GARDEN. complemented by soft windswept hair, HEALTHY glow (as the sun hits) AND a bright smile from cheek to cheek.

wedding is a one in a lifetime OCCASION. Honour love with demure lace gowns from milly bridal.


Ways To Get More From Your Engagement Ring Budget

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Christmas holidays are only a few months away which means peak proposal season is also in high gear. Couples get engaged on Christmas Eve through New Year's Day as the beautiful year gets bookmarked with love and the couple welcomes a new chapter sprouting around the corner. Regardless of how #girlboss we feel in reality, a man does hold a tad more responsibility on the engagement ring according to age-old traditions. We have so many friends getting engaged this year so it only feels right to share some tips to ease some of the pressure: 


.01 Lose the time-old expectations. 
While the standard of spending two to three months‘ salary on an engagement ring used to be the norm, you may do better to ignore it when deciding your budget. Instead, gauge ideas of what type of ring your girlfriend would prefer and figure out your current and future expenses and go from there.

.02 Think about custom designs.
Does your fiancé have unique taste and desire something outside the norm? Or maybe the two of you just easily fall in love with some stunning designs and would prefer to have a ring more suited for you than a cookie cutter one? When you choose a customized ring, you’re only paying for the details you want, be it a diamond, type of metal, filigree or engraving, but any details you don’t want. Go individuality!!

.03 Involve your bride-to-be.
Nowadays, more than 60 percent of future brides assist in selecting their engagement ring, and at least one-third are actively involved in the actual budget. On average, an engagement ring costs around RM10,000 so combine your resources and research ways to save a little cash. Visit to view a fabulous collection of engagement rings that your bride-to-be will surely love.

.04 Learn the 4 C’s of diamonds and how tweaking them affects the price of your ring.
Adjusting the carat size of your ring will help the most. For instance, instead of purchasing a perfect 1 carat size ring, buy just shy of a carat, such as .96 of a carat, and you could ideally save almost 20 %. 

If you are getting engaged, may you and your wife/husband to be have the happiest marriage of life. 
Now go save yourself some bucks and spend them for a hot and sexy honeymoon <3