··  "Hair up in a top knot and you know this girl means business"  ··
Also because I was dealing with day-3 hair.
I know right. Too much information to be deemed glamorous.

LAZING around the house with paper thin knit wasn't cutting it. Apparently, it was 10 degrees outside which explains why my cheeks were shivering uncontrollably. WHIPPED out the scarf that was hiding beneath my 2nd pillow. Thanfully this knitted piece of blessing gave me instant toast because passerby wouldn't be impressed by a duvet drapping over a person's shoulders.

Yup. I have a 2nd pillow. *meltz*

Completed all scheduled work by noon.
Released the knot, made myself a hot cup of coffee and called it a day.
Chilled on the couch watching 'Happy Camp‘ [快乐大本营] whilst scrolling through OMGNB.COM.

OMGNB.COM offers wholesale fashion items at a reasonably low price point. Focusing on latest styles and trendy pieces to keep any wardrobe saucy.
Besides being a fashionable platform, they also expertize in the hair department.
With an array of hair related doodads from clip-in extensions to ombre wigs, having not enough hair for a top knot is no more acceptable as an excuse.
Good news for anyone wishing for sexy and voluminous mane 24/7 without consuming 2 bottles of texturising spray every other day.
Not a wig person in real life and never have I tried one but these OMBRE WIGs appeal to me very much.
Ombre hair is sassy and fun but dealing with ombre hair is too much of a commitment.
Easy to maintain and manageable hair is crucial for our current lifestyle.

To lighten those Asian locks, my hairdresser told me the amount of bleach they were going to use on me to lighten those ends. Girl almost passed out.
Truthfully wishing for a wig this Christmas because how fun is it to sneak among the group of coworkers with a hidden identity? #lifeofanauditor
We shall see if Santa thinks I'm nice. Awww.

The coporate world have unspelt restrcitions when it comes to hair colour and dresscodes. 
But don't you think it's cool to draft reports in COOL BLONDE HAIR and perhaps a MINIMAL WRIST TATTOO??

Still waiting underneath the chimney :)