Nerd Travels . Bangkok Photodiary II

I heard the Candian Tuxedo is making a come back. Just incase you missed Bangkok Photodiary I, anyone who knows me in real life will know that I will not travel in shorts and a pair of slippers. 
Denim aren't the most travel friendly item space wise but if you are gonna re-wear it until it gets stained by Mustard juice or chocolate sauce, you bet it's well worth a spot in your luggage. 

To combat the heat, I went for light washed denim with ripped knees paired with single shoulder denim top that is also buffet dinner approved. To break the muted palette, I wore my trusty old Larsson & Jennings watch.

We had the lunch of our lifes at Petite Audrey Siam Center. Two page cover menu mainly focusing on vegetarian food got us yelling Hallelujah. Other than the friendly service which earned 2 extra pokemon points, white furniture accompanied by fresh flowers took this garden themed restauramt to the chicest level. Don't be fooled by the word 'Vegetarian'. Fettucine Cream of Truffle could easily be the BEST pasta I've had so far. Pasta Al Dente. 

Top Left:
Vegetarian TomYam Noodles with Tofu and Mushrooms
‎฿ 190 (RM23)

Top Right:
Vegetarian Fettucine Cream of Truffle
‎฿ 290 (RM35)

Waffles with Marshmallow served with Chocolate drizzles, Honey and Vanilla Ice Cream
฿ 200 (RM24)

฿ 145 (RM17)
Audrey Signature Ice Coffee ฿ 135 (RM16)

฿ 130 (RM16)

The cake was just fine. It wasn't groundbraking fabulous since I've tasted better Tiramisu else where and if you bake, you'll know that Tiramisu is a tough one to master. 


Took a short waffle break at Mr. Jones Orphange and woolala. Need I say more. Ordered a pot of Peppermint Tea to balance out the explosion of sweetness. It would be understatement to say :" It was delicious'.

Thin Waffles served with Fresh Strawberries, Sliced Bananas, Strawberry Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream ฿ 180 (RM22)

Despite the strengthening currency, Bangkok still is one of my favourite city in South East Asia.
Looking forward to head back for food, coffee and muscle relaxing Thai massage.
Leaving to China next Monday and perhaps I should get back to packing. 

Thank you for reading. KapPunKap!!

Nerd Travels . Bangkok Photodiary I


JATUJAK the weekend market which is popular not only among the tourists but also the locals. The place where you could find anything that anyone could ever imagine. Fried grasshopper. Pumpkin flavoured ice lollies. T shirt with fried egg emoji placed at the two most strategic spots. 

Jatujak (we say Chatuchak) is a one stop station for a HUGE selection of delicious local delicacies ranging from barbequed goodness to Pad Kraw Paw - Basil Chicken Rice, crispy finger food and my absolute favourite, Thai Iced Tea. Unbelievably good place to shop for basic Ts as well! We left with 20 and I guess that says something. 

Being there early in the morning was a great idea. At least we looked humanly fine when we left. I mean we had our brows on still. 


Spontaneous weekend trip to Thailand equals to a small carry on consisting of airy clothing pieces. If you know me in person, there is no way I'd wear a cute printed T shirt paired with denim shorts and slippers.

Marble printed chiffon co-ord paired with blush waterfall vest, velvet choker and shoes so comfortable I could sleep in. If you couldn't tell, I was high on caffeine. 2 cups of coffee and 1 cup of Thai Iced Tea before noon got my heart pumping and all I felt like doing was dancing to 'Buttons' by Pussycat Dolls.


SIAM DICOVERY was very cool indeed. Highly recommended by a good friend who was seconded to Thailand for work. Well-designed interior and open concept drew me into the space of imagination. Simple layout with strong modern aesthetic. Visited twice during our trip because once just isn't enough. 


Let me photograph you in this light;
Incase it is the last time that we might be exactly like where before we realize;
We were sad of getting old; 
It made us restless.

- Adele -

Wasn't on a shopping mode due to the '5 Piece French Wardrobe Challenge' constraints;
Otherwise, I would have snatched a piece or two from the gorgeous collection they carry.
Now you know how persistent I am huh.

Being a vegetarian in Thailand isn't easy.
Thai love a good meaty meal and most food have fish sauce in them. 

However, we manage to hunt down delicious Korean food at The Bibimbab Co that serves meat-free dishes. Finally!! Located at the food court level in Siam Paragon Shopping Centre. Perfect for any Korean food lover. Both served in relatively big portion and a definite value for money.



Gyeranmali Gimbab. Korean rolled omelette at it's finest. 
‎฿180 (RM22)

Bibim Guksu. Cold noodles dish accompanied by sexy spicy sauce. 

‎฿240 (RM29)

Ending this post on a complicated note. How I wish we had enough time to chill and savour aromatic coffee at Starbucks Reserve.
Will do so in the future.
Until next time! See you soon for Bangkok Photodiary II.