Basically Basic

"A biker jacket brings out the cool side of a woman without having to own a Harley"

I have been on the hunt for a pair of strappy flats which is versatile enough to bring an outfit from lunch dates to office meetings. Comfy enough to run the world yet stylish enough to grab attention. This cost ¥800 and I wear size XL. We were actually shocked by how shoe sizing goes from S to XL. Is this normal in Japan or is it just GU??

.01 Forever 21 top [similar]  .02 Pimkie faux leather jacket [similar]  .03 Uniqlo jeans 
.04 Zalora bag  .05 GU choker [similar]  .06  GU flats  .07 Bailey Nelson glasses

Before I start rambling on how beautiful Hozenji Yokocho was, I wanna thank my supportive (and gorgeous!!) bestie who took all of my outfit pictures with patience and love. Without her I'd be struggling with stacked up rocks and arranging trash cans.

Temperature dropped to 18°C just past mid-afternoon and the air started to get chilly. Went back to basics with a T, highwaisted jeans and faux leaather biker jacket. Finished off the look with a gold choker and some sassy flats. Both the gold choker and flats are from GU, a popular fast fashion brand in Japan. We aren't advocates of fast fashion by all means but this pair of faux leather flats was love at first sight. 


Mini Knit

Lush Bubble Bar in Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds
 A strong burst of Patchouli dream. The spicy and claming scent reminded me of my 1st ever trip to London.
Beautiful throwback.

"And we almost, we almost knew what love was. But almost is never enough." -Ariana Grande-

Was hesitant to pack this dress as I felt intimidated drawing that much attention to the bottom region. I am a ball of confidence in real life but when it comes to challenging the hemline, its a different story. Told my friend how awkward I felt wearing something this mini. If you were to ask why I bought this dress in the first place, its because I couldn't try it on in store and wasn't really expecting it to be this short. By short I mean 2 inches below my arse. Traveling means spending time away from the home country therefore I decided to rock my mini dress with some tights.
At least no one recognizes me even if I accidentally expose my bottom. Fashion faux pax alert. 
Threw on a biker jacket, navy camera bag, dapped on a red lip and called it a day. It was a first day out in Japan so we couldn't be bothered fussing about what to wear!  

Autumn is definitely the best season to play around with layers and textures. What do you think? x

.01 Bangkok dress [similar]  .02  Pimkie faux leather jacket  .03  Zalora bag