Nerd Travels . Umeda Sky Building

Umeda Sky Building

. Operating Hours . 10:00 - 22:00
. Entrance Fee .  ‎¥1000 / rm40

The Umeda Sky Building is a rather distinctive high rise standing alone, somewhat forlornly, near Umeda and Osaka stations. The 173 meter high building is formed of two separate tower blocks connected at the top, somewhat reminiscent of the Grand Arch in La Defense, Paris. The original, rather more grandiose plan was for a series of four towers all connected at the top, and part of the planned New Umeda City redevelopment, but costs forced the reduction to just two towers. [Click here for more information]

Rain started drizzling on us as soon as we stepped out of UMEDA SKY BUILDING (梅田スカイビル). Strolled across the streets pretty much not knowing what to expect next. It's UMEDA (梅田) anyways, there will be something around the corner. Umeda reminded me of Central District (中環) Hong Kong with reminiscent of Sydney CBD. Bumped into OSAKA STATION (大阪駅) and we were lucky enough to catch a view of the stunning station before and after sunset! Do stay around Umeda area for some snazzy night life if you love city lights, buzzing crowds and delicious Japanese food.

Few hours spent at Umeda Sky Building was a brilliant experience. We had Affogato and a good catch up session up in the sky with the whole of Osaka beneath us. Literally.
One tip to pass on is to check the weather forecast before getting your tickets. We wanted to catch a sunset at the Floating Garden Observatory but it started drizzling half an hour before sunset. Lesson learnt.

Hope you find this helpful :)

Nerd Travels . OSAKA Castle

Osaka Castle Front Garden from Above

Osaka Castle Front Garden from Above

OSAKA CASTLE is a Japanese castle in Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan. One of the most famous landmark with cute trees and overpriced but delicious street food. 
Salted curly fries and chilled beer combination were stimulating for a fresh and sunny Wednesday afternoon. Hop off at Tanimachi-4-chome Station and Osaka Castle is just a 17 mins (1.5km) walk away. Operating hours from 9am - 5pm daily.

Entrance Fee . ¥‎600 / rm24
Fries .  ¥‎500 / rm20
Beer . ¥‎500 / rm20

TRAVELING can be stressful at times. Having mild anxiety (self-diagnosed lol) only means that travel schedule cannot be jam packed and there has to be 'chilled-time' incorporated before a detrimental meltdown. My schedule is jam packed now. Obviously referring to travels itineraries only. What am I saying huh? Such an irony. Better shut up. If only I could time travel because crossing legs under the trees with billowy winter wind and afternoon booze session was life. Met this cool Shiba whom was chilling just like us. Went over to get his number and he didn't bother looking into my eyes. Men nowadays. 


Forcing a smile because you know why.

Hope you've enjoyed this little installment on Osaka Castle. Umeda Sky Building coming up next!! x

Risqué Lace-Up


"Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear."


It was 25°C with no sign of autumnal breeze at all. Baby it wasn't cold outside. Wore my sultry lace up top and highwaisted jeans for a full day out. Chilled with pigeons in the park, enjoyed the Autumn foliage as we snack on fried potatoes and half a pint of Kirin. 

Never felt this sexy in a long while. Something risque and fierce about this front lace up blouse, sexy jeans and killer choker combination. Showing more skin than usual gave me a little boost of confidence. It reminded me of my youthful university days and how I've unknowingly dulled myself throughout the years as I gradually moved into the corporate world. 

.01  Romwe top
.02  Uniqlo jeans
.03  Taobao platforms [similar] "ZBAPQLL" for 15% off!!
.04  Zalora bag
.05  Ebay choker

.05  Larsson & Jennings watch  [similar]
.06  Canon EOS M3



If I were to pick one top from my wardrobe and wear it for the rest of the year, it has to be this. Love how well  the blouse fits my figure especially at the shoulder area. Billowy and lightweight fabric works perfectly well for the Malaysian weather and fits the bill for someone who is constantly living out of a suitcase. Can be handwashed and dries in a snap. Cummon.

I'm already thinking of ways to style and incorporate this sexy number into my daily work wardrobe. Lace-up tighter perhaps? More travel OOTDs coming your way. Do stick with us! x