What to pack : Tokyo


Packing is something I LOVE doing. However, not so much excitement when I have less than 24-hours in town to dine with family, snack on sarcasm with Mr. V and pack before catching the next flight! After putting off this trip for years, we are finally visiting Tokyo. Not applying "The 54321 Packing Rule" because I have decided to go all out this time round.


outerwear. Faux Fur Jacket. Denim Jacket. top. White furry TOP. Denim ZARA Shirt. Grey MANGO Knit. bottom. LIGHT-WASHED ZARA jeans. NAVY UNIQLO JEANS. bLUE VELVET MINI. PINK HNM SKIRT. dress. Red Crotchet MINI. Star-PRINTED Maxi. shoes. White converse. GUNMETAL Dune. ADIDAS. bagS. Pink ZARA bag. BLACK BRAUN BUFFEL BAG. accessories. Blue HNM scarf. BAILEY NELSON Sunglasses. LARSSON & JENNINGS WATCH.

9 D 8 N . SPRING . SUNNY with SLIGHT RAIN . 5°C - 22°C .

Over-packing is thrilling! I have been 'calculating' pieces of clothing items to bring on every trip therefore this time I've decided to pack according to my heart. What I'm bringing to Tokyo could last up to 14 days (minimum). 3 tops and 4 bottoms alone make up to 12 outfits. You will be surprised how far 2 dresses; 2 coats and 3 pairs of shoes could bring you to. Now you know how I style my outfits in a bloody carry-on. I digress. Back to packing.

What's stated above might not be the exact items we are bringing with us on this trip.  Currently working in China and packing will only commence once we touch down Malaysia. Deciding on what to wear has never been a hassle but since the temperature ranges between 5 to 22 degrees, I need to ensure my ass stays warm but doesn't overheat. cummonn. Lunch break is over, better get going. Hope your Monday is going strong! Signing off x


Bamboo Days

Arashiyama was slightly over-rated.
Disappointed on how commercialized everything were but nonetheless a great backdrop for pictures taking don't you think?

Bangkok knit dress [similar]
Topshop sleeveless coat [similar]
 GU flats
 Larsson & Jennings watch

Wore this dress for the second time because there wasn't anything 'new' to wear at that point.
Trespassing into small alleyways, bumping into pedestrians and cycling with a tensed-up face is always something fun to do. 
Cycling reminded me of how we paddled across the streets of Amsterdam through hundreds of canals with a partially torn paper map.
Amsterdam is a more bicycle-friendly city than Kyoto. However, I find Japanese bicycles more 'user-friendly'.
Build-in baskets? Not being demanding but everyone needs storage for their camera, ¥100 onigiri and peach flavoured beer.
Oh yes, I got sunburned that day. Hooray.

Currently swimming in a pool of  work in China. Time to wrap up and head back to where I belong.
Celebrating my birthday abroad for the 3rd year in a row.
This year I'm are asking for chocolate chip cookies, shining stars, dark blue sky and a good night sleep :)

Navy + Nude

Navy and Nude is one of my favourite colour combination. It works well with all occasions let it be office hours or cocktail parties, stretching from day up till the evening. Nude is surprisingly more universal flattering than Black does on all skin tones. It could be me but I feel that the right shade of Nude has an uplifting effect to a person's complexion.  

Paired the all-nude outfit with my new Navy camera bag which doubles up as a handbag for crispy Japanese rice crackers [Senbei 煎餅] and sushi rolls. Simple yet stylish enough to get the right amount of attention. I've had this top for almost 2 years now and the fabric has started balling up. Do you have any recommendations on where to get good lightweight knits that can be worn in Malaysia which also work well layered under outerwear?

.01  Zara top [similar]
.02  New Look faux leather skirt [similar]
.03  Zalora bag
.04  Larsson & Jennings watch
.05  Something Borrowed booties [similar] Use "ZBAPQLL" for extra 15% off!!
.06  Daiso knee high socks
.07  Canon EOS M3


"Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak" -Rachel Zoe-


Do you own a lot of nude pieces? How do you style it?
I reckon a red lip would look extremely sexy with the muted ensemble.
Just realized how high my boots were.
Dang no wonder I lost my feet at the 14th hour point mark!
I'm a firm believer that comfort is crucial but how gorgeous does these babes look? x