Confessions of a Workaholic

If you are a workaholic like me, Monday Blues never existed.
If you do not know this yet, I'm an internal auditor who travels a lot for work. 
Stationing abroad for at least 3 weeks every month, wearing safety boots, talking to people and dealing with ad hoc assignments is what I do for a living.
Deadlines aren't my fav but the fact of wrapping up an assignment with a well written report makes me really happy.
I love moving around conducting inspections, I love doing analysis, I love being creative and most importantly I love my bloody job.
Aside from work, I run a blog right before your eyes. A platform where I spill creative juice and share all of my travel experiences.
On top of that, I hold 2 other characters at heart: A daughter and A traveler.
Being a workaholic can often be seen as trying-too-hard. But is it?
That feeling when people asks you to slow down or 'chillax'.....don't even get me started.
It's the intrinsic satisfaction that I get from work and an action-packed life.

Working around the clock isn't a sign of efficiency, well at least I think so, but having some days that require me to burn the midnight oil triggers my fancy.
Having the opportunity to squeeze in some blogging time after work or during the weekend gives me excitement.
Always looking at my planner trying to schedule an appointment or fit in projects to be worked on because not having anything on the plate gives me nerves. 
Let it be a photo shooting session at a cafe nearby or a facial for an extra boost of sass.

Checking emails and the annual calendar is as satisfying as going for a head massage.
Whenever there is a period left 'blank', it will for sure be blocked for a holiday because travelling can never be enough. 


It's lunch break now.
My report is seducing me and my fingers are itching already.
Time to get back to work. 

A true workaholic that is happy af.

Are you?