Autumn Days

"I guess it's Autumn once more."

So excited for the brand new season as the trees don their vibrant hues, leaves falls onto the ground crunchy whilst graceful chill creeps into the air.
Crisp air awakens sleepy eyes and eventhough there is no such thing as Autumn in Malaysia, still, Autumn is my favourite season of all times.
Autumn is when I step onto the gas pedal for a final sprint and get things checked off our TO-DO-LIST before the year ends.
An exciting trip coming up next month which I can't wait to share. 
Hold on girl bosses, I could hear the fireworks blasting up the sky already. Four (4) more months till 2016 ends!!
Hows Autumn so far? x

Edit // Shoe Edition

I once own 5o pairs of shoes.
Decluterring and going into Minimalism is amazing.
But I might lose my identity by just living with just 3 pairs.

Before you start judging my mental health, what you are seeing is already the 'decluterred' version of my shoes closet.
Took the plunge early this year and gotten rid of half of my life. The process did involve a few boxes of tissues and de-stressing pillow spray.
With a whooping 24 pairs laying around, I decided detoxify my shoe closet once more before the year 2016 ends.

After the final cut, we are down with 14 pairs of shoes that I've gotten the most wear out of.
It is surprising to know how my shoe closet sits on the very both end of the spectrum. 
Either vans or strappy heels.
What I love about decluterring is that there is no fixed rules.
Every individual is different and I'm happy with the results this time.

Strappy Black Sandals . Nude Sandals .  Strappy Taupe Sandals . Studded Balerina Flats .  Roshe Runs . Vans Old Skool Floral . Glitter Stilettos .
[Use 'ZBAPQLL' at checkout for 15% off]

If you fancay, some of these shoes are still available online and hopefully you can get your hands on them.
Secretly eyeing on The Modern Oxford from Everlane
Still justifying whether or not to get it to fill the first spot of my '5 Piece French Wardrobe Challenge' for the next 2 quarters. 
Perhaps I should do an updated shoe situation by the end of 2016.
By the way, '5 Piece French Wardrobe Challenge' is going strong. Remember to come back to see what I end up with!!