5 Piece French Wardrobe

Pic Source: Country Road @ Pinterest

Pic Source: Country Road @ Pinterest

Can't believe I'm saying this but we are taking on the 5 Piece French Wardrobe Challenge
Every season, we are only allowed to add 5 New Pieces to the existing core wardrobe*. In our case, every 6 months since we have one season all year round. 

Here are the rules:
. 01 Shoes do count . 02 Basics do not count . 03 Accessories do not count . 04 Undergarments do not count . 05 Everything else counts

*A core wardrobe holds pieces that forms the structure of our wardrobe and style.

Personally, we don't shop alot. Hold your jaw people but we do shop whenever we travel abroad. Everything has accumulated for years and nothing much added since the begining of 2015.

The reason we are doing this is because we want to live with less and start to practise concious living. Most of my time are spent working in the office (corporate environment) & traveling for work/holiday. A classic, polished, modern and fun wardrobe is what I need to get going.

Also, since I have a blogging 'career', we do get sent clothing items to be styled and featured. Just a dsiclaimer because those are press/work products which we will not consider as part of the '5 piece FWC'.


The aim of this challenge is to create a more curated wardrobe that goes with our lifestyle and aesthetic. Focus would be on quality over quantity. Bare in mind that this challenge need not be minimal. Go all out with colors and prints as long as your wardrobe reflects your personal style and fits into your daily life perfectly. Just remember, only 5 items every season. Not too sure why is it called the FWC but I do think French women are more concious when it comes to purchasing quality pieces that fits into their lifestyle and needs. 

To kickstart this challenge, we've added 2 pieces that fits the bill. 3 more pieces to go but since this time round it's about being concious and putting careful thoughts into the purchase, those can wait. Our daily moto is to look clean and presentable. Simplicity and comfort is also key. 


Hiphunters contacted us to feature some of their products and we felt that it was heaven sent since the email came in right on time to save the day. Spent a good Sunday afternoon getting inspirations from the designs they carry and had deep thoughts on what could make the cut as our final 3 pieces in the '5 Piece FWC'.

As the word challenge suggest, adding only 5 Pieces to the wardrobe every 6 months is pretty challenging. Especially when it comes to trousers this gorgeous. Aphru Silje straight legged pants anyone? Still deciding on whether or not to get a backpack since our current one has gone through several cold wars and is disintegrating with pride. This Fendi looks stunning but we might have to sell a kidney or two. 


What do you think of living with less and concious living? Here's a post on our major wadrobe cull and what's left. 
We will share 5 Pieces collected at the beginning of April or as at when completed. 
Stay tuned. x