Nerd Travels // GuangZhou Photobook 4

So its has come to an end where there will be no more disturbing pictures of food and condoms. Excuse me. *Runs away and laugh* If someone were to ask me to describe this trip to China in 3 words, I would say:


Tried to make it sound intimidating with the capital letters but the word turned out to be wrong 4 times. Darn. Is it me or does the spelling skills get affected when spelt out big? Okay now try typing 'acknowledged intelligence' in capital letters. Don't cheat. Type it in the comment sections below.

Oh yeah, it was challenging. Travelling, working and living in a foreign country alone for a short period of time is not at all easy peasy. The toughest part would be dealing with the people. You need food? Laundry services? Room services? Better buck up.

View before sunset
Salad + Chocolate Mudcake
Strawberry Cheesecake + Weissbeer
Peaches + Lychees
Air ticket

So I guess that's the end? Happy mid-week people :) Remember to type those 2 words down below. I know who you are *stare*

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Nerd Travels // GuangZhou Photobook 3

Happy mid-week! How has your week been so far?

Just a few words to sum up this whole post. Food, Work, Condom & Travel. Spotting something odd? Let's chat. Travelling to China several times doesn't mean I don't get confused over rectangular shaped colorful boxes at the checkout display right before the till. If you were to walk into a pharmacy, it is common to find a wall [yes, not shelf] displaying all sort of condoms you could think of. #funfact #birthcontrol

Just in case you didn't realize, my blog posts have been going up at 9:00am whenever there is a posting. Keeping my posting schedule in an apple-pie order encourages better planning and time management. Which also makes juggling my life so much more fun & exciting! Talk to you soon. Bye!

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Nerd Travels // GuangZhou Photobook 1

As you can tell, my trip to GuangZhou were spent mostly in front of the dining table. Well, it was a business trip so definitely work took up most of my time. *holds laughter* I'll share the first part of my trip in sequence:

Natural Sunday sunlight
Funky flavour
New favourite shirt dress
Steamed eggs
Cookies + Coffee
Gel Manicure
Pretz + Collon *LMAO. What a name..*
Tomato and Eggs

Its Saturday, are you up for anything? By the time this post goes up, I'd be on a road trip down South. How exciting! Be well people <3

p/s: It's my dear friend's birthday. You know who you are and happy birthday to you <3

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