Nerd Travels // GuangZhou Photobook 2

Salty green bean paste tart - 何婆饼
A handful of chocolate spongecake #Literally
Self Portrait Dress? [Stay tuned for an exciting project to raise funds for domestic violence victims in Malaysia]
Street - 上下九步行街
Ice-cream spoon. Haha.
Garlic Brinjal

If you have visited Foshan, GuangZhou before, have you been to 岭南天地?Its one of my favourite places to go. Strongly recommend this to people who loves architecture and good food. We had Vietnamese for dinner and that's definitely a memorable one. With coffee shops, artisan ice-cream shops and choclatiers surrounding it's pretty impossible to not be a happy person :) [More food pics coming up]

Have a great day ahead!

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Nerd Travels // GuangZhou Photobook 1

As you can tell, my trip to GuangZhou were spent mostly in front of the dining table. Well, it was a business trip so definitely work took up most of my time. *holds laughter* I'll share the first part of my trip in sequence:

Natural Sunday sunlight
Funky flavour
New favourite shirt dress
Steamed eggs
Cookies + Coffee
Gel Manicure
Pretz + Collon *LMAO. What a name..*
Tomato and Eggs

Its Saturday, are you up for anything? By the time this post goes up, I'd be on a road trip down South. How exciting! Be well people <3

p/s: It's my dear friend's birthday. You know who you are and happy birthday to you <3

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Nerd Travels // Brisbane Photobook 2

Its-mid week. Are you having the mid-week syndrome where you feel that half of the week has gone by yet the weekend feels so far away? I feel you. *bro-high-five* One of the coolest outfit I've styled so far. Got so many compliments that day and heck yes do I know my shoes are beautiful. Thanks guys!

Street styling, wrecking my inner bad ass, oriental vibes, flowers, a smile, weirdo and the most relaxing yet embarrassing selfie in history. Since I have been travelling alone, taking pictures would only mean either a selfie, a selfie with scenery or just scenery, nothing else. But since I met a guy that day, he offered to take pictures for me! Lmao. Therefore the 3 full body shots. And nope I did not give him my number even though he asked ; )

Before I babble about my relaxing and embarrassing story, I have to let you know that I went back to the hotel for a short nap and changed into a skirt for the night out, right after my afternoon stroll. So as I was waiting for the sun to set,  I sat on the grass by the river, looked into the blue sky & listened to the merely-there jazz music from the city far opposite. Didn't take me long to decide to lie down and 'enjoy life' like a wanderlust. YOLO. The embarrassing part came in when I struggled to get up, and by the time I got up, bits of grass were on my hair, specs partially falling off, skirt was wet and also on the verge of showing my panties. Also, did I mention that there was a professional guy photographer on my left trying to catch the sunset, a teary emo university girl on my right and a continuous flow of pedestrians walking by? Gosh. Now I know why am I single. HAHAHA!

Have a wonderful day ahead! Come back on Friday for an autumn fashion post :) Details of what I wore in Brisbane as I wander around the stylish city and also a touch of Anzac Day! *cheers*

What's Next : Wandering in Brisbane City // Autumn Fashion

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