The Everyday Bag



"The Everyday Bag" is sexy looking, durable and water resistant.


Here's a real life "What's In My Bag"...(throws away 3 days old cookie wrapper)


Recently, I got emotionally attached to this weirdly shaped bag which is groundbreaking because I hated it at the first glance and now I wish to sling it on my shoulders, over pajamas, to bed. Made out of soft pebbled faux leather, stitched with care, comes with a medium sized pouch to keep things organized and a wide canvas strap that sits on the shoulders comfortably. This was nominated as "The Everyday Bag" for a few good reasons. I live a fast pace life, we all do, finding a bag that makes us feel good, fits all of our essentials and is practical for the 24/7 isn't the easiest. It fits my planner, wallet, passport, business card holder, 8-hour cream, a flat wristlet (earphone, portable charger and cable) and a furry pouch (miscellaneous). [not here, whoops!]

I am an advocate of little handbags but there are days where we need to lug along something specially important, like an extra diaper or a bottle of beer (in my case). Wonderfully sized at 28cm x 22cm 13.5cm [Height x Length x Width]. If you would like to know more about The Everyday Bag, don't hesitate to send us an email. We have tried and tested the bag for 2 months now and would love to share our thoughts too! The Everyday Bag is selling @ RM85 with free delivery throughout Malaysia.

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