Update . Whats coming your way

Popping in for a quick update. How are you lovelies? We've done a lot the past week! Completely wrapped up our audit work, packed up for our upcoming business trip and regained my inspiration in life. Sorry for being a drama queen. Being away for so long stripped my soul naked and it's taking me some time to feel normal again. But there is nothing a good Frankie magazine can't do. Here's a sneak of what's coming up real soon. 

This picture was taken by mummy nerd and very well reminds me of the beautiful day at The Pinnacles. As you're reading this, I would have touched down China for work. The audit cycle never ends but girl is happy for everyday. What I do for a living has become a part of my life which I embrace with passion. Time to dive into a pile of *beeeeep* and keep going!