How Handmade Silver Bangles Can Complement Any Outfit

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No outfit is complete without jewelry and a silver bangle can be the perfect addition to almost any look. Simple yet timeless, silver bangles can be worn with ease from day into night, complementing both casual and evening outfits. They can be styled up or down to fit with the occasion and easily add elegance to an understated ensemble. Here are some styling tips to get the most out of your silver bangles.

Intermission: I've recently bought a thin silver band with barely-there diamonds as a daily reminder to be humble, low profile and gentle. Stay true to myself and be a gentlewoman.



COLOUR that you choose to wear with your silver bangle is important if you want them to pop. Silver work wonders with the colour-way I have in my wardrobe because it provides a subtle 'edge' to my more minimal style. It also enhances cooler undertone which is why I prefer wearing silver jewelry! 

EVERYONE recommends to not wear Silver and Gold together but I personally think doubling up adds dimension and interest to a personal style! Just if you can't find any that suit your fancy, have a look at the gorgeous handmade silver bangles from Corazon Latino for a whole range of styles to suit any outfit. There is a say to not wear Silver and Gold at once.

STYLE thin silver wristlet with a long skirt for a bohemian daytime look. Wear chunky silver bangles with organic twists and curves, paired with matching rings to spice up a boring t-shirt and jeans combo. For something timeless, consider slim bangles that are contemporary yet classic (I know, I know, tough). A statement silver cuff bracelet or silver and pearl bangle can make the perfect addition to your staple little black dress (or in my case little white dress). For a girly night out, jazz up your plain jumpsuit with a fun knotted silver bangle. Speaking about being knotty (naughty) huh. 

Silver has always been the classic jewellery of choice and it looks like this would not change any time soon. Investing in silver jewellery is as logical as buying a Chanel classic flap in Beige. Gosh you know I'm making sense. Can't believe the week is almost gone! I shall finish up the can (2nd can) of beer and work on other projects toasting in my back pocket. Two juicy product reviews coming up. Till then.

What to pack : Tokyo


Packing is something I LOVE doing. However, not so much excitement when I have less than 24-hours in town to dine with family, snack on sarcasm with Mr. V and pack before catching the next flight! After putting off this trip for years, we are finally visiting Tokyo. Not applying "The 54321 Packing Rule" because I have decided to go all out this time round.


outerwear. Faux Fur Jacket. Denim Jacket. top. White furry TOP. Denim ZARA Shirt. Grey MANGO Knit. bottom. LIGHT-WASHED ZARA jeans. NAVY UNIQLO JEANS. bLUE VELVET MINI. PINK HNM SKIRT. dress. Red Crotchet MINI. Star-PRINTED Maxi. shoes. White converse. GUNMETAL Dune. ADIDAS. bagS. Pink ZARA bag. BLACK BRAUN BUFFEL BAG. accessories. Blue HNM scarf. BAILEY NELSON Sunglasses. LARSSON & JENNINGS WATCH.

9 D 8 N . SPRING . SUNNY with SLIGHT RAIN . 5°C - 22°C .

Over-packing is thrilling! I have been 'calculating' pieces of clothing items to bring on every trip therefore this time I've decided to pack according to my heart. What I'm bringing to Tokyo could last up to 14 days (minimum). 3 tops and 4 bottoms alone make up to 12 outfits. You will be surprised how far 2 dresses; 2 coats and 3 pairs of shoes could bring you to. Now you know how I style my outfits in a bloody carry-on. I digress. Back to packing.

What's stated above might not be the exact items we are bringing with us on this trip.  Currently working in China and packing will only commence once we touch down Malaysia. Deciding on what to wear has never been a hassle but since the temperature ranges between 5 to 22 degrees, I need to ensure my ass stays warm but doesn't overheat. cummonn. Lunch break is over, better get going. Hope your Monday is going strong! Signing off x


Review: Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation


Before "committing'' (very serious relationship) to the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation, I have tested out at least 15 foundation samples from various brands but all irritated my skin. Fussy-ass skin I know. Aside from not breaking me out, Laura Mercier has a range of shades catered towards yellow undertones which is undeniably wonderful. Haven't tried any new foundation in years until just recently when I was out of my usual and felt the need to try something slightly lighter in texture from the brand. Tested Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation at the counter and instantly felt in love with how beautiful my skin looked and how weightless it felt on the skin. I wear both in the shade 'Ivory' however Candleglow appears to be a tad lighter.

Lightweight creamy texture that doesn't cling onto dry patches. 

Medium coverage that lasts up to 8-10 hours with a primer. (on my skin)


Just a disclaimer, looking shiny is my jazz therefore no powder was used as per how I would wear this foundation. It feels like nothing on the skin, stays on all day looking fresh and does not rub off at all. I love how my skin looks healthy with a glow from within! Comes with a pump which is very handy but packaged in a semi see through glass bottle that would look great on a vanity but a pain for traveler like me. I use one pump on each side of the face and an extra pump for more coverage. One thing to mention is the scent. It does smell like straight up makeup which bothered me at first but thank-goodness it fades. I suggest giving it a good sniff at the counter if you have problems with scented products. Bought it from because it was out-of-stock in Malaysia and most counters were temporarily closed down, apparently Shiseido took over Laura Mercier and the brand will officially be back March 2018.  Flying back home very soon! Signing off x