Nerd Travels . Hong Kong Photodiary

"Traveling leaves you speechless. Then you turn into a storyteller." -Ibn Battuta

及所不欲,勿施于猫。First ever trip to HongKong and never would I have expected to see colourful buildings & criss-crossed overhead wires from operating trams. Totally reminded me of Shanghai (夜上海) back in the 19th century. 

Simple brunch before a full day out shopping and hustling through the vibrant city. Hustling was always an imaginative word till we realized how being elbowed by every passerby seemed normal in Hong Kong. #elbows

Baked Mixed vegetable in White Cream Sauce with Hot Milk Tea set
(焗杂菜白汁+丝袜奶茶套餐) HKD79

Rainy Saturday morning where pedestrians slowed down their pace and walked more gracefully than usual. 
Stood at the exit of the undergroud train station thinking about where to stopover next.
People always tell me how impatient and rude Hongkees can be. 

Put myself in their shoes and realized how much pressure they were living under.
Dealing with limited space, atrocious cost of living and sustaining in such a rat race isn't easy.
Blended in like a Hongkee for a day.

All I have to say is that, dear all, you have my respect. 

It would only make more sense to crop off my greasy hair and huge cheek zit. Cheek zit is as prominent as wearing a neon pink wig and should be made illegal. Wore my favourite Dior Addict lip colour which has not much colour. First world problem af.

New Look top . Bailey Nelseon sunnies . Dior lip 

If you haven't seen Symphony of Lights at Victoria Harbour, please save yourself some time. Go food hunting. Have a bowl of wantan noodles or go window shopping instead. You know me, you now I am constantly trying to find the good in everything in life. But this was an utter disappointment if you may. However, things could change and perhaps it's a totally different story months later. Still leaving my mind open  :)

At this point, I've had my bblackbox canvas backpack on for more than 14 hours. [Bag review coming up soon] Amazing travel backpack but the weight and duration it sat on my shoulders far exceeded what my frame could handle. We were so exhausted when it hit dawn. Rain showered upon us. We stood there like till it hit 8:00pm like kids waiting for the candy store to open. 

Greetings from Guangzhou as of 09.09.16.
Have you been to Hong Kong?

Autumn Days

"I guess it's Autumn once more."

So excited for the brand new season as the trees don their vibrant hues, leaves falls onto the ground crunchy whilst graceful chill creeps into the air.
Crisp air awakens sleepy eyes and eventhough there is no such thing as Autumn in Malaysia, still, Autumn is my favourite season of all times.
Autumn is when I step onto the gas pedal for a final sprint and get things checked off our TO-DO-LIST before the year ends.
An exciting trip coming up next month which I can't wait to share. 
Hold on girl bosses, I could hear the fireworks blasting up the sky already. Four (4) more months till 2016 ends!!
Hows Autumn so far? x

Nerd Travels . Bangkok Photodiary II

I heard the Candian Tuxedo is making a come back. Just incase you missed Bangkok Photodiary I, anyone who knows me in real life will know that I will not travel in shorts and a pair of slippers. 
Denim aren't the most travel friendly item space wise but if you are gonna re-wear it until it gets stained by Mustard juice or chocolate sauce, you bet it's well worth a spot in your luggage. 

To combat the heat, I went for light washed denim with ripped knees paired with single shoulder denim top that is also buffet dinner approved. To break the muted palette, I wore my trusty old Larsson & Jennings watch.

We had the lunch of our lifes at Petite Audrey Siam Center. Two page cover menu mainly focusing on vegetarian food got us yelling Hallelujah. Other than the friendly service which earned 2 extra pokemon points, white furniture accompanied by fresh flowers took this garden themed restauramt to the chicest level. Don't be fooled by the word 'Vegetarian'. Fettucine Cream of Truffle could easily be the BEST pasta I've had so far. Pasta Al Dente. 

Top Left:
Vegetarian TomYam Noodles with Tofu and Mushrooms
‎฿ 190 (RM23)

Top Right:
Vegetarian Fettucine Cream of Truffle
‎฿ 290 (RM35)

Waffles with Marshmallow served with Chocolate drizzles, Honey and Vanilla Ice Cream
฿ 200 (RM24)

฿ 145 (RM17)
Audrey Signature Ice Coffee ฿ 135 (RM16)

฿ 130 (RM16)

The cake was just fine. It wasn't groundbraking fabulous since I've tasted better Tiramisu else where and if you bake, you'll know that Tiramisu is a tough one to master. 


Took a short waffle break at Mr. Jones Orphange and woolala. Need I say more. Ordered a pot of Peppermint Tea to balance out the explosion of sweetness. It would be understatement to say :" It was delicious'.

Thin Waffles served with Fresh Strawberries, Sliced Bananas, Strawberry Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream ฿ 180 (RM22)

Despite the strengthening currency, Bangkok still is one of my favourite city in South East Asia.
Looking forward to head back for food, coffee and muscle relaxing Thai massage.
Leaving to China next Monday and perhaps I should get back to packing. 

Thank you for reading. KapPunKap!!