perth Itinerary . 5 d 4 n

DAY .01 Touched down Perth Airport at 05:35, picked up our rented car at the Hertz counter then off we went. Booked a Nissan X-Trail but we were given the new Ford Kuga which sits in the same category. Rental rounds up to about $140/day including insurance coverage, GPS rental and a full tank of petrol.

Perth Airport >> Hyden Wave Rock

Distance: 328km vis State Route 40
Duration: 3h30min
Entrance Fee: $10/vehicle
Estimated Time Needed: 30min

Hyden Wave Rock >> Esperance

Distance: 382km via State Route 40 and National Route 1
Duration: 3h50min

Nerdy Verdict: Take note of the route chosen as you set the GPS. We chose the fastest route and ended up with a nerve-wrecking drive on the yellow sandy trunk road (and light showers!) with no cars in sight for 4 hours. The 1st vehicle that made an appearance was an excavator fetching hay. Don't be surprised. TMI but a few road-side wee session were done. Aside from that, we had the best drive of our lifes. Beautiful drive with stunning landscape and sexy animals. Came across 2 Kangaroos, 5 Wallabees, 1 Rabbit and countless birds.

Day 1 was an adventurous journey. It would have taken us 7h30m without stopping but since Hyden Wave Rock was in our itenarary and we stopped mid-way for a quick lunch, the entire journey took us 10h. Advisable to start your journey as early as possible.

DAY .02 The day I've been dreaming of since 2015. Being high on salt tolerant algae (just like how I'm high on pugs), The Pink Lake changes colour all year round depending on weather conditions. 

Esperance CBD >> Great Ocean Drive

Distance: 40km
Duration: 2h30m

Great Ocean Drive >> Perth CBD

Distance: 717km
Duration: 7h30m (without traffic)

Nerdy Verdict: The Pink Lake might not be as pink as we wished for but we were lucky enough to see a light shade of pink as the clouds move by. It was magical to see how mother nature plays trick in the most polite way possible. Lakes aren't always blue and tree branches aren't always brown. We saw metallic silver trunks, burnt orange branches and snow white desert plants. The 20h long drive (in total) was well worth it. I had the chance to see things I've yet to see and drive on the slippery ass road with balls.

Nature taught me a lesson. What we think and perceive might not be the way it is. Plants aren't always green, luxury doesn't mean bitch and gender isn't just male or female. Perceptions come from human. 

DAY .03 The most laughter and embarrassment I've had in year 2016. Went off track, slipped off my sand board and ended up rolling downhill yelling those lungs off. Stood up feeling dizzy and a body covered in sand. TMI but I had sand in my panty. Thanks to gravity.  Sand as fine as milk powder and 19 degrees cold breeze whistling against out cheeks. Lancelin Sand Dune was way more fun than we expected.

Perth CBD >> Lancelin Sand Dune

Distance: 129km
Duration: 1h30m
Entrance Fee: -
Board Rental: $10
Estimated Time Needed: 1-2h
Location: 102 Gingin Road, Lancelin, WA 6044.

Nerdy Verdict: Don't save on the board rental. Sharing a board might sound like a plan but being able to compete and slide downhill together with your family/friend is worth every dollar. Board rental comes with a Board and a piece of wax. $10 for hours of fun?! Girl you better reserve some energy and snack on some bananas.

DAY .04  One thing I love about traveling across the continents and exploring the world is the ability to experience the beauty of nature. Scattered limestones and mellow leaves. Weird yet wonderful. Fierce sun at Nambung National Park baked us to perfection. It doesn't matter if I have a burnt nose.

Lancelin Sand Dune >> Nambung National Park (The Pinnacles)

Distance: 76.2km
Duration: 50m
Entrance Fee: $12/vehicle
Estimated Time Needed: 2-3h
Operating Hours: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Nambung, WA 6521.

Nerdy Verdict: Thumbs up! Highly recommended if you love everything natural & brown. Driving in the desert brought me back to those adventurous childhood days. One tip! Try visiting The Pinnacles off season to avoid the crowd and do the loo before entering the course. That's two tips. You're welcome.

It's better to see something once than to hear it a thousand times.

DAY .05 Did some shopping at Myer then we took a short drive down to Fremantle Market right after. Oh Fremantle. Scrumptious food, chilled beer & cool graffiti. Perfect place to hang out with anyone on your wish list. Fremantle reminded me of my recent trip to Europe. Shall spare more time in Fremantle in the future because it would be great to sip on some alcohol by the pier watching the sky go dark.

Perth CBD >>Fremantle

Distance: 27km
Duration: 30m

Nerdy Verdict: Haystreet Mall wasn't as extensive as I expected, if we were to make an apple to apple comparison to shopping streets in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. I reckon you'll get some good shopping done for sure but if you love crazy shopping and zipping through the happening crowd, Haystreet Mall might not do the deal.

Grill'd serves amazing Vegetarian burgers and Zucchini fries. Try them with the spiciest sauce in storee. It's bloody tasty. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I hope you've gotten an idea of what to do in Perth and what to expect when you're on the land down under. Perth shares the same time zone as Malaysian so there is no need to readjust anything. Please share your experience if you've travelled to Perth. We would love to head back in the future and explore more of Western Australia :)

Inspirational Monday

I'm back!! Sorry for disappearing from the blogsphere. I have been focusing on our audit work and living the moment. Travelling strengthens my inner self regardless. Learning how to be flexible and stand on my own is priceless. If we don't learn now, when exactly is the right time? 

Travelled to Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Even the gloomiest weather can be this sexy. Being able to experience rainy Hong Kong in the best way possible and having the opportunity to dance in the rain is everything. In life, we can choose to feel grumpy OR enjoy the sea of colourful umbrellas and glossy roads. We might have drained ourselves in the rain but seeing the crowd slow down and move at a slower pace was beautiful. It totally depends on which side of the world we choose to see.

Please come back on Wednesday for a well overdue Perth Travel Itenerary! Talk to you soon. x


All About Three Stone Engagement Rings

HAVE you came across the perfect engagement ring or ever visualised one that you would wear for the rest of your life? So cliché but I secretly have. Living a more minimal life made me reconsider how the society perceives a perfect wedding to be. Deciding on which shade of white our table napkins should be and how many decades of fortune should we spend on 2 wedding bands. The more cash spent symbolizes how much more a man loves his woman and how much the couple value their relationship. If the happiness of a marriage equals to how broke the couple is after the wedding and the idea of consuming canned beans for the next 5 years seems loving and warm then great! Living in debt just for the ring might not lead to a sexy marriage. I've always wanted a sexy one.

"Spending decades of fortune on 2 rings is like running a long marathon in Louboutins."

THE wedding ring in my unicorn fantasy has always been diamond-free until I came across the 3 stone engagement ringUnderstated luxury with a pinch of simplicity radiating timeless elegance. 3 stone engagement ring is often referred to as the “past, present and future” of a relationship. I love how my parents had the simplest wedding band that you could ever imagine. Nothing too much. Just enough to tie their hearts together as Mr. and Mrs. 

Serendipity Diamonds offers 3 stone engagement rings which are absolutely stunning. The idea of a meaningful jewellery piece that can be customized to express the bride's personality is brilliant. Diamonds come in a variety of shapes, colour and cut. The couple can play around with the 3 stone setting, incorporating diamonds of different cut and even gemstones just like those spicy Rubies and Sapphires. This means that the couple can create a truly unique & individual ring that could be passed on to the next generation. While many rings seem to be white gold or platinum, they offer gold and rose gold rings too! However, it all comes to the couple's personal style and preference.

Most popular choice of all would be the princess cuts. Take some time to visit their site to gather some ideas. If you are married, please share how was the proposal and was the ring chosen by your significant other? If you are single like us, check out Serendipity and let us know if you've gotten some inspiration for your future band. I like how Paloma (platinum ring) has a clean and chic silhouette. Juicy.

Lots of Love <3