Red Bow

Headband changes the 'mood' of our outfit and adds interest to our hair when we need them the most. #badhairdaysarereal
Here goes a few tips on how to wear headbands when you're a grown up without looking like an overaged Didi. Anyone? Dexter Didi?

.01 Pick the right colour.
You are more likely to not-go-wrong with rich colours from the classic palette.
I'd say, go with colours that you are most comfortable with and in my case it would be Black, Navy and Beige.
However, since deciding on wearing more colours for summer, luscious Ruby Red fits the bill.

.02 Pick the right pattern and fabric.
Satin, silk and tweed could easily make an accessory look 10 times more expensive and more appropriate for formal occasions.
Do venture out on classic patterns (Dots, Stripes & Mini-Florals) for a cute pin-up look. 
I normally stray away from patterns because most of them weigh down my complexion. 
Which is why 90% of my wardrobe consist of plain pieces with just a few stripe-y ones in between. 

.03 Pick the right band size.
There are so many out there for you to choose from.
From thin slinky ones to thicker ones and even double braided ones. Possibilities are endless!!
Mine is about an inch wide which is great for making a soft statement.
Consider getting slimmer ones for a more minimal, effortless & chic look. 
They are more comfortable to have on for a full day of work and errands too. #girlboss

Headband  . Top [similar from Zalora]. Bottom . Bag [similar in Navy] . Watch

Headbands have always been a timeless head piece for women in the past centuries. 
I hope you are now ready to play with headbands at any beautiful age.
Nerd turning 24 this year :)

Thank you for stopping by. If you are interested in seeing more from us, feel free to check out our latest travel post on Perth Australia. Travelgasm.

Nerd Travels . Perth Photodiary I

The Pinnacles 

The Pinnacles 

One tip I've learnt from travelling is to consume fruits as much as you can. Try making it a to-do to snag fresh fruits from the local grocery store regardless of the price tag because I can't stress how important is it to stay fit & hydrated whilst travelling. To 'push' down the potentially exploding budget, consider getting a box of cereal or freshly baked pastries from the supermarket to fill your belly! 

Best hotel breakfast I've had in yearsss. Chef was so lovely we had a speedy chat about life as he prepared my sexy omelette. Beautifully cooked mushrooms, cloudy pancakes and delicious fruits. Accompanied by a handful of nuts and a hot cup of coffee to keep my soul going.

Jacket // Top // Skirt // Shoes // Watch
["ZBAPQLL" for extra 15% off at Zalora]

Sneaking in an #OOTD. Everything au-neutral, beige with cool undertones. Played around with knits and faux leather to add pazzazz to the outfit without blending in too much with the desert.

Crown Promenade Perth
Bolton Avenue and Great Eastern Highway
6100 Perth
Western Australia.

"Situated within the famous Crown Perth complex, the centrally located 4.5-star Crown Promenade Perth offers modern, comfortable rooms. Guests can enjoy a variety of entertainment and dining facilities onsite, including 7 restaurants, 8 bars, a night club and a 24-hour casino."

7 restaurants and 8 bars? Enough said. 



I love how Perth is different from other parts of Australia we've been to. Landscape in Western Australia was phenomenal. One of the best I've seen in the 24 years of my life. Going on road trips with my family created good memories that will forever stay near & dear to my heart. As I've always mentioned, living in a city makes me appreciate everything outside of the concrete jungle. Every bird that greeted us in the morning till every sunset that came upon us. If I were given a chance to head back to Australia, it'll definitely be the West Coast because trust me, it's magical. 

Update . As of 1st July

Calm after the storm. Time to giggle with the fam bam and catch up sessions with my ladies. Heading up North for a short trip back to our little hometown to simmer in the sun sipping out fresh coconut juice through an orange coloured straw. Putting this space aside all these while wasn't easy. Finally united with my passion and stay tuned for travely bits popping up real soon. Great to restart the blogging engine. *vrooooooom*

Can you believe we have officially entered the 2nd half of 2016?!